VIDEO: Trump Gibbers And Babbles About How He Doesn’t Like The Term “American Exceptionalism”

This is your Republican nominee. You own him. He’s all yours.

What’s clear is Trump doesn’t have the first clue what he’s talking about. The entire concept of American exceptionalism arises not because we’re somehow better people than Germans or Russians or Somalis, though an argument can be made that we are, but because unlike those countries which essentially grew out of ethnicity and tribalism America grew out of an idea – that human beings, set free from the yoke of an oppressive government, would live and act better and outperform the rest of the world in every respect.

That’s what American exceptionalism means, and to tout it is not “rubbing it in,” it’s to exhort the other nations around the world to embrace our example so as to provide a better life for their own people. Which is something America has been successfully doing for more than 200 years, and humanity is infinitely better off as a result.

Along comes Trump to demonstrate that he has no more understanding or appreciation for that central concept of America’s foundation than Barack Obama did.

But this is your candidate. You picked him; he’s all yours.

Have a nice election.

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