VIDEO: James Carville Sure Seemed Like He Was Losing His Mind Yesterday, N’est-ce Pas?

Monday was Halloween, so perhaps James Carville’s rather unhinged performance on air with MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts should be taken in that spirit…

Carville’s best impression of Jack Nicholson in The Shining aside, the substance of his statements belies the rot at the core of the Democrat Party.

He won’t even touch the fundamentals of the Anthony Weiner/FBI reinvestigation issue – those being that Hillary Clinton brought all of this on herself by (1) monetizing American foreign policy through a corrupt bribery and fraud shop known as the Clinton Foundation, and (2) attempting to hide those dealings from public view by using a private, unsecured e-mail server from which she thought she could completely delete e-mails rather than have to surrender them in the case of FOIA requests.

Those actions are what caused all of this trouble for her. Carville won’t even address the root of the problem. Instead he doubles down on the Clinton machine and Harry Reid’s bombastic statements about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign (there is evidence of some friendliness between the two, and certainly when Paul Manafort was Trump’s campaign manager a case could have been made along those lines – but on the other hand it wasn’t Donald Trump who gave Vladimir Putin access to 20 percent of America’s uranium mining capacity, was it?) by now including FBI director James Comey in the supposed conspiracy.

Carville actually said that the FBI director is engaged in a plot with House Republicans and “The KGB” to steal the election. This amid an escalation of a very dangerous diplomatic situation with Russia over Syria, which the current Democrat administration (with Hillary’s help) has allowed to descend into chaos and could easily result in a war with the Russians over. He’s now on TV accusing the Republican Party of treason. Bear in mind that nothing in the FBI’s reinvestigation of Hillary has to do with Wikileaks; it’s more than possible Wikileaks has some of the 650,000 e-mails the FBI took off Anthony Weiner’s laptop (in a file folder Weiner named “Life Insurance,” no less) from the Russians having hacked Hillary’s unsecure server, but the FBI didn’t get those e-mails from Wikileaks. They got them from Weiner. And Weiner is a lot of terrible things, but Russian isn’t one of them.

So the accusation he’s making is distantly related to a real thing but is nevertheless 100 percent idiotic.

And naturally he utters this craziness with an LSU sweatshirt on. After fellow LSU graduate Donna Brazile just got fired at CNN after having been caught given a second debate question to Hillary Clinton. Thanks a lot, Carville.

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