We’re Getting A Good Indication Of The Role Together Baton Rouge Will Play In The Broome Administration…

…and so far it looks indistinguishable from the role the Center For American Progress played in the Obama administration. Namely, chief propagandists and message-makers for the regime, as a vanguard to pave the way for actions the public will find objectionable.

Our indication of this came from a report which surfaced Tuesday. Together Baton Rouge released a study purporting to show a disproportionate number of drug arrests in North Baton Rouge which would indicate the racism of the Baton Rouge Police Department…

Together Baton Rouge released a report Tuesday that they say shows police do not always enforce the law fairly and equally in all parts of the city.

The study focuses on how police enforce drug laws across Baton Rouge, whether through arrests or by other means. Broderick Bagert, who put together the report, said the data shows the enforcement rate is higher in poor and already statistically crime-ridden communities.

“This is institutional,” Bagert said. “There is no evidence of intentional, willful discrimination.”

However, Bagert said even if it is not intentional, it is still discrimination. Their data, which some in BRPD are already questioning, shows that the zip codes 70805 and 70802 top the list in terms of enforcement rates. Both are predominantly African American areas of the city.

Meanwhile, whiter and more affluent areas rank toward the bottom. Edward Shihadeh, an LSU professor who studies crime and crime prevention,
in part defended BRPD. He suggested that enforcement may be high in those particular neighborhoods in part because BRPD is encouraged to fight violence and crime in the city by members of the community.

Bagert said that when enforcement leads to arrest, it can negatively impact communities. “There is no way to have long-term stability in a neighborhood or family if you have significant levels of incarceration. It is one of the most destabilizing social realities you can have,” Bagert said.

The report comes as Baton Rouge wrestles with questions about the relationship between the police and the African American community. Bagert said they have showed new Mayor-president Sharon Weston Broome the study.

In light of the study’s findings, some with Together Baton Rouge have called for police reform, including modified training. Others said there needs to be economic investment to add new life to poorer neighborhoods.

This study, which is obvious in the facts it recounts and nonsense in its conclusions, serves a couple of purposes. First, Broome wants to fire Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie – she’s made replacing him with a police chief more sensitive to the preferences of her constituency a key campaign promise she’s now under pressure to fulfill. Except Dabadie is protected by the civil service code and can’t be dismissed without cause. Enter Together Baton Rouge with a racially-inflammatory study claiming that Dabadie’s cops are busting black people for drugs in 70802 and 70805 and ignoring all the stoned white people in 70810 and 70817, and if enough folks are ginned up to howl about it Dabadie’s position becomes untenable.

Particularly since the Justice Department will, any day now, deliver its report on the Alton Sterling shooting and conclude no charges are justified against the two BRPD officers present at his shooting. That report will likely offer some criticism of BRPD, as DOJ’s previous reports have done (Ferguson being a perfect example) but otherwise exonerate the department and strengthen Dabadie’s case. This report, dishonest though it might be – of course there are more drug arrests in poor black neighborhoods in North Baton Rouge than in rich white neighborhoods in South Baton Rouge; drugs are a key reason why North Baton Rouge is poor and crime-ridden, and therefore the police get more calls about people dealing drugs on street corners there – will serve as fuel to make the police chief “embattled,” and create public pressure for his resignation.

And the second purpose this report serves is to support the main narrative behind Broome’s mayoral campaign in the first place; namely, that South Baton Rouge tax dollars which have been re-routed to the city’s downtown must now be routed to North Baton Rouge and fuel the “inevitable” civic renaissance which government is so well-known for producing if it only taxes and spends enough. This is, of course, the real reason for that study and it isn’t hard to see how Bagert and his outfit, which is a local chapter of the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation, would be attracted to the idea of performing it. Because when the case is made and the money begins to flow, TBR will undoubtedly cook up projects and initiatives which will surely create prosperity out of thin air if only there is grant money from the taxpayers to make it happen.

In other words, singing for their dinner. It’s one of the oldest scams in the book. But this is what happens when urban socialism takes over – first the propaganda, then the theft. It’s all part of the game, and now we’re beginning to see who the players will be.

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