Louisiana’s Democrats Use DOJ Leaks To Discredit The Federal Alton Sterling Investigation They Wanted

The reports that the DOJ’s Alton Sterling investigation was being concluded with no charges has touched off angry denunciations in the black community. Among those who are angry is Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Broome. She lashed at the DOJ in a statement.

From The Advocate:

East Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said late Tuesday afternoon that she was appalled to find out about the results of the U.S. Department of Justice’s investigation into the death of Alton Sterling from national media reports.

In a statement, Broome said DOJ had yet to contact her despite The Washington Post and The New York Times both reporting that DOJ would not charge the police officers who shot and killed Sterling in July 2016. Both news outlets cited anonymous sources.

“I am appalled that this news, whether true or false, has been disseminated without a formal decision being relayed to the Sterling family first,” Broome said in her statement. “Also, no one in my office or the governor’s office has been notified by the U.S. Attorney’s office of a decision or timeline. I am still in consistent contact with the governor’s office. As I’ve said before, when I know something, the people of Baton Rouge will know — and we will get through it together.”

Another one unhappy is Congressman Cedric Richmond.

Richmond was among the first to call for a Federal civil rights investigation in the case. So did John Bel Edwards.

What happened is JBE, Richmond, and Broome thought that Democrats would win the 2016 election and they could exploit the decision in the Sterling case for their maximum benefit. But of course, the election didn’t work out like that. Republicans won and the decision was leaked to the national media.

Was the leak the fight way to release the results of the investigation? No. But we shouldn’t be surprised that was what happened when the Feds became the primary investigators.

Louisiana’s Democrats are going to use the leaks as an attempt to discredit the investigation they wanted in the first place. But the fact that a few DOJ staffers blabbed to reporters should not take away from the findings of that investigation.

Of course, it never was about justice for these people. To these people, those officers were guilty and it didn’t matter what the evidence and investigation found.

Louisiana’s Democrats rolled the dice when they asked the Feds to lead the investigation. Instead, the dice rolled snake eyes. Ultimately, they have no one to blame but themselves for this.



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