Surely Janice Clark Will Recuse Herself From Her Daughter’s Goofy Defamation Lawsuit

She’s going to have to, because if the judge doesn’t it’s pretty clear an appellate court will require her to – and Janice Clark is then going to have some ‘splaining to do.

Oh, you didn’t hear? That frivolous, cockamamie defamation suit Tasha Clark Amar filed against a couple of members of the Plummer family who publicly rebuked her after she had sued them to collect a trustee fee she’d written for herself in Helen Plummer’s will…was assigned to Clark Amar’s mother, a judge at the 19th Judicial District Court.

Can’t make that one up, right?

Judge Janice Clark, the mother of Council on Aging Director Tasha Clark Amar, has been assigned to hear a lawsuit her daughter filed against a family who has been interviewing with media outlets over how Amar handled their deceased family member’s will.

Clark Amar filed the defamation of character lawsuit in April. The WBRZ News 2 Investigative Unit was first to report details of the lawsuit HERE. Clark Amar said she has suffered various issues suffering from mental anguish, distress, medical and pharmaceutical expenses, inconvenience, fear and fright, embarrassment, humiliation, aggravation, loss of ability to participate in normal activities, emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of reputation, and loss of earning capacityfollowing the family of Helen Plummer discussing their concerns with WBRZ.

When we did our post this morning on the lawsuit, we neglected to mention the “medical and pharmaceutical expenses” piece. The Hayride regrets the error, because the idea of “pharmaceutical expenses” being laid into a complaint for defamation is simply too rich to have escaped our mention. We promise to do better next time.

Channel 2 notes that Clark getting assigned the case in and of itself isn’t all that terrible, but the fact she still has it isn’t all that great.

The defamation lawsuit was filed at the end of April, when it was also randomly assigned to Judge Clark. Legal scholars said Friday, while it was pure coincidence it was assigned to Clark Amar’s mother, Judge Clark should recuse herself – and were surprised she hadn’t almost two weeks later.  When checked Friday, the Clerk of Court said it has nothing on file from Judge Clark asking for the lawsuit to be re-allotted or a letter of recusal.

Now that it’s in the public eye today, the judge will surely throw the case back and let someone else have it.


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