BATISTE: Kellogg Granting “Groups” Big Money to Fight Racism A.K.A. Monument Removals

The Kellogg Foundation is granting big money to “fight racism” and some of it is heading to yet to be disclosed “groups” in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The liberal organization has been rumored as one of Mitch Landrieu’s anonymous donors to cover the removal of four century-old artistic landmarks. Now Kellogg is dishing out $24 million to “improve our ability as communities and as a country to see ourselves in each other, so that we can share a more equitable future for all children to thrive.”

“It’s really getting rid of the belief of a hierarchy of human value. It’s really squarely attacking racism as a belief system and its consequences in communities,” said Gail C. Christopher, the foundation’s senior adviser, and the program’s Vice President.

24 million dollars. To fight racism. Naturally, the Kellogg website does not name the organizations and the Associated Press also did not provide the groups’ involved. Expect to see the Foundation For Louisiana as a recipient of this money, if it ever gets revealed.

Mitch seemed very confident about having the $600,000 needed to remove the monuments. Then the alleged costs covered anonymously came in at over a million. Still, he has never publicly disclosed any information on the alleged donors he claims to have sparing taxpayers from a portion of his political crusade.

Next time you buy a box a cereal consider that the Kellogg Foundation thinks you are racist and hates Southern history.

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