ROBICHEAUX: National News Emboldens Local Leftist Mobsters

For some time, tuning into the evening news will bring up images of burning police cars and destroyed businesses. It was Occupy Wall Street, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland, Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge. Since Obama left office, though, the leftist fringe has turned its ire from the police to Republican officials. From the Kathy Griffin beheading Donald Trump in effigy and the Julius Caesar play stabbing him to death, Robert De Niro’s #### Trump, Madonna talking about blowing up the White House, the list goes on and on. Did this continual stream of hate emanating from Hollyweird contribute to the actual shooting of Steve Scalise in Alexandria, Virginia, or the threats to dismember Senator Rand Paul and his family?

Last week, we saw the President’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, being harassed, harangued, and even stalked for the haneous act of seeking out dinner with her companions. Then, the honorable Maxine Waters (that’s the official salutation for US Representatives, by the way), having time to think about it for a few days, decided to call for more mob action to bully anyone who doesn’t agree with her. Lets not kid ourselves, the purpose of these tactics is to show good, upstanding Conservatives what will happen to anyone who is willing to step up and speak out.

Even though many of these recent items seem a world away, there are people in our local communities who are working to stir up progressive temper tantrums much closer to home. While some of these peaceably assembled on Saturday to demand that Donald Trump no longer separate families at the border (never mind that his executive order did that two weeks ago) there are other revolutionaries who would prefer to “give no quarter” to conservatives.

On Sunday, Emanuel Lombard (a person who masquerades about as the ubiquitous leftist troll Manny Schewitz) wrote those words. Referring to Conservatives, he wrote, “They’re a festering boil, the result of decades of right-wing media misinformation and inherited racism.” And then, “I am not going to attempt civility with them, and I will have no issue putting a size 10 steel-toed boot in their asses – if need be. The time for being nice and civil ended years ago.”

We hear Manny is no one to be trifled with. Several have reached out to us with tales of the coordinated affrays of blistering cyberbullying he and his minions can be credited with. Setting up dozens of fake accounts to accomplish such nefarious work as harassing people at work, their employers, and even their customers, his blade swings recklessly and indiscriminately in any direction that occurs to him in the moment. That it cuts being more important than what it cuts. Not only isn’t collateral damage avoided but it may actually be desirable. Like Maxine Waters, his message is clear as crystal: if you are a conservative who speaks out, you will be targeted.

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