VIDEO: Jeff Landry Releases Video Detailing Crimes Committed In Louisiana By Illegal Immigrants

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has released a video at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference detailing crimes committed in Louisiana by illegal immigrants. This comes as the federal government remains partially shut down over a dispute over President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.[0]=68.ARA5ibsj4nEpVoHUylJBDuzJvPR1W5JvyWylVFEcdCVon4xoz-ALJz1t3lIUZxBt1izieEMukbq7oMXPu8qWfYEd9O8ltwVYDSdx-iJ9zXm_zGeC31gsCuRZNWOy58ZrEe97t2Hl7OlnewAZY9D0DAuVUIns4J7ObyG7cBBYYql-xTvr3oDwjfgOXM-cMrgPgPNIoayE8dElRCNHqxDrmI1eRJb4rVHafpgcaNiIgIAnLbjDzSAKtTJIvcs83zVDZESYUjXpJG_qWWXP5JIHpDinfJiTJ7TF7CAcozdHmhKmi_r-P_TA3zlEewq0MXYSkPc2XAMjLtENpYnUv7fPIZFC46xW5fSt0An6tQ&__tn__=-R

The video, titled “A Manufactured Crisis” details crimes committed by illegal immigrants in Louisiana. Among the crimes highlighted are rape and murder. One of the perpetrators highlighted was even deported twice before they were arrested again for their crimes.

This comes as immigration is set to be a major focus both in Louisiana’s state election in 2019 and in the national election in 2020. One of the issues that are being discussed is how to secure the border. While studies show that illegal immigration has minimal impacts on the federal budget, it does have an adverse effect on state and local budgets and resources.

There is also the issue of illegal immigrant criminals. Studies are conflicted on whether or illegal immigrants are more criminal than citizens or legal immigrants. But the point of illegal immigrants is the fact they are not supposed to be here at all.

The Landry video concludes with three words on the screen, build the wall. Whether or not a wall is needed on the border is an issue that needs to be decided in Washington D.C.


Landry is also limited in what he can do on immigration as the state’s attorney general, after all, immigration is mostly a national issue. Finally, there is the unmistakable play for 2019 that Landry is making here. He’s showing the base and Republican activists in Louisiana that he is one of them.

Louisiana’s politicians are speaking up on the need for increased border security. Many average people in this state are also talking about the need for increased border security. Let’s hope Washington listens.



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