ZOLA: How Supply and Demand Pushed Abortion Up to Birth, and Beyond

I was having a discussion with a friend today who explained to me that he believed that the aggressive legislative move of pushing to, and through, the third trimester to promote legal abortion was pretty simple to understand.  My friend has tremendous knowledge of hospitals in the medical industry and so I listened intently.

He told me it’s simply supply and demand. Since Bill Clinton issued an executive order and lifted the moratorium on the use of fetal tissue in biomedical research, activity in the production and transfer of fetal tissue and body parts has accelerated exponentially.

When you think about it, I think my friend quite simply stated the obvious. And I’m ashamed that I never really gave it much thought before. I personally always have thought dealing in adult human body parts was bad enough, but necessary in the world of adult donated organs, but when it came to fetal tissue it bothered me as I watched streams of arguments flood society since the 1970’s.

Remember when the discussion was about only harvesting stem cells from fetuses? With minimal intrusion to the body? That was pretty bad. But now that seems petty compared to what we learned from videos through the Project Veritas interviews of personnel from Planned Parenthood.

If you think about it, even Snopes, which is pretty left-leaning, has mixed feelings about the veracity of the interviews but does come down to understand that human fetuses are used for medical research/procedures and money does change hands. It’s one thing when things go wrong and the fetus is obtained through natural causes of miscarriage, etc. but it’s unbelievable how the times are changing. The market is driving the demand and this goes beyond the mission statement of Planned Parenthood.

In August 2018 the FDA contracted with Advance Bioscience Resources to obtain fetal tissue and cells for research. I think a comment by Doctor Jozef Zalot hit the nail on the head. I’ll paraphrase his comments. He said that the use of fetal tissue and cells for medical research is ethically very complicated in any situation, but research conducted with the fetal tissues obtained through the contract was simply wrong.

As a part of his commentary he said that the scientists were working to make new discoveries through the use of aborted fetal parts and are simply treating the aborted person not as ends in themselves, but as a means to some other matter. He stated that this violates their dignity and it demonstrates a very dangerous utilitarian perspective on human life.

Zalot raise concerns that the government, and the US taxpayer, may indeed be complicit in the actual abortion if taxpayer money is used to sustain and grow a market for the remains of aborted children.

Regardless of the ethical considerations, and considerations of various religious concerns, I think if we look at the matter with basic logic we’re going to be even more concerned. We all know the rule of supply and demand. As medical research accelerates, fewer and fewer components of human body parts of aborted fetuses are available. The solution at hand is to increase the availability of aborted fetuses by increasing the amount of time available for a woman to choose to have an abortion and thereby increasing the number of actual abortions.

And we have arrived here with New York celebrating that moment passing their abortion whenever law and Virginia contemplating the same. A moment before taking its first breath, a fetus can be aborted. In the analysis of the Virginia Law, their governor indicated that their proposal would probably allow for taking the life of the infant after birth. He elaborated in an interview in concept of how the process would work.

There are even further arguments that the idea behind the extension of the third term for abortion is to allow for women to have greater economic potential and not being required to raise a child. But it’s easy to see how abortion providers and research facilities are driving the economics for themselves and not the mother of the child. This does seem tantamount to human husbandry.


I freely admit I’m a natural skeptic. But the economics argument of supply and demand makes sense to me. When there’s not enough material, the players become more aggressive, drive price increases and greed and they work on how they can obtain the commodity they seek.

The glib commentary of Planned Parenthood employees in the Project Veritas videos, treated the matter as though they were cutting up a chicken. They dissect the fetus, take what part is on order, or whatever they can sell, and the rest goes down a garbage disposal or into the biomedical waste bag.

In fact we should be very concerned, and take close note that, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion providers, take orders for particular body parts that are required for whatever task the research facility requires. Whether it’s an internal organ, a limb, tissue or whatever component part of that child, it can be placed as an order in advance of the abortion.

Some may say that this provides a financial incentive for the abortion counselors to encourage the abortion to take place since there will be revenue from the harvest of the human. Maybe not an open marketplace, but certainly a shadowy marketplace amongst nonprofit companies who place a price as the cost of their participation in the visceral action.

Make no mistake, it’s a real marketplace. And abortionists are definitely selling human body parts. They will say it is fetal tissue. But realistically, that fetus, left unimpeded, would certainly have become a thriving human.

I truly understand how people can have mixed feelings about the issue of abortion in general as it is so fundamentally personal that it boggles the mind. But this is not the case where we should be divided on the issue. This is a horror film come to life. If we don’t do something about this, and act as quickly as possible, we’re nothing better than animals.



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