Hayride Radio 4-11-19: LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich On This Fall’s Elections

There was big news on the Hayride Radio front Friday, which didn’t directly impact the podcast but certainly touched one of its hosts – namely, that Brian Haldane will take over as the host of AM Baton Rouge from 6-8 a.m. on Talk 107.3 FM. That’s a significant change for Brian, though in the short term it won’t affect too much the production of the Hayride Radio podcast.

But the day before, on Thursday, the Hayride Radio podcast was a killer recording of this weekend’s podcast.

Co-hosts Scott McKay and Brian Haldane sat down with the head of the Louisiana Republican Party, Louis Gurvich, to catch up on the state party’s current efforts in advance of this fall’s statewide elections. Gurvich talked about the current climate in Louisiana politics, and what it portends for those races this fall, and most importantly. he gave his analysis on the Governor’s State of the State address and the chances GOP challengers Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone have to knock off John Bel Edwards in the upcoming gubernatorial race.


More, the guys discussed what the party would like to see from the current legislative session which started last Monday – and how that session will color the record Edwards will run on this fall, and its effect on not just his own re-election but also the legislative races  upcoming with so many seats term-limited.



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