MARSH MAN MASSON: Fish Go CRAZY Over Two New Baits

Every angler likes to try new things. It’s just in our DNA. We’re always looking for baits and techniques that will tip the scales in our favor and have fish flying over the gunwales.

Well, on my most recent trip, I discovered two.

I toted along my usual sidekick, my son Joel, as well as Joel’s buddy Emile Cangiamilla, and the trip began well before sunrise, with us anglers running in the pitch dark to reach our intended fishing grounds.

The crazy good action on bass and redfish began immediately, with Emile drawing a strike on a popper from a chunky largemouth on his first cast. It crescendoed with me landing my heaviest marsh bass ever on a lure I’d never before fished.

After the topwater bite faded, I switched gears and began blistering the fish on a soft stickbait I picked up at a really good price.

Conditions were great for inland marsh fishing, with a west wind helping to push out a falling tide. The water level was low to begin with, after days of west wind, forcing the fish to concentrate in accessible areas. In addition, skies were mostly cloudy.


The action was intense, and the catching stopped only when a hellacious storm moved into the area, causing a 20-degree drop in temperatures and forcing us to run through a gulley washer back to the marina. We arrived dripping wet but with an ice chest full of future fillets.

Like the video? Please give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe to the Marsh Man Masson channel on YouTube. Also, leave a comment below or on the YouTube page. Are you taking advantage of the increase in redfish and bass action thanks to all the fresh water in South Louisiana? If you’re from elsewhere, are your salinity levels lower as well?



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