APPEL: John Bel Edwards Can’t Hide From His Party’s National Figures Forever

We are seeing in the debates the radical left wing of the Democratic Party run all over the moderates. Now the BIG question is does Governor Edwards repudiate the socialist programs like Medicare for all that his Party is proposing that we would be forced into?

Earlier this week at The Hayride, Jeff Sadow noted that Edwards is taking on a “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” posture with respect to the Hard Left’s domination of policy discussions on the Democrat side…

…Edwards mostly has avoided digging his own grave on salient issues. While he has marched in lockstep with national party elites on many issues, such as expanding government-provided health insurance, assenting to higher taxes and spending, and increased government regulation over business such as backing minimum wage increases, he has found some social issues where he can stay in step with Louisiana’s voter majority to deflect attention from these others. For example, Grisham has gotten into trouble for full-throated support of abortion in her Catholic-plurality state; Edwards by contrast has assented to legislation further regulating abortion in his Catholic-plurality state.

In the final analysis, Edwards needs to ignore as much as he can what his party’s presidential candidates advocate. While he can’t dodge everything national Democrats do – witness his getting boxed into insinuating that Trump and GOP gubernatorial candidate Ralph Abraham are racists – he can prevent own-goals by pursuing this strategy.

Edwards’ defenders in the local media will say that this is a national issue but remember that this is is the governor who unilaterally put Louisiana into Obamacare and wrecked a great deal of our private insurance market.That was a national issue that he had previously told us he would accept. He just didn’t tell us that he would accept it without negotiating a reasonable deal with President Obama.

So the people of Louisiana must know if Governor Edwards will help elect and support a Democrat President who will take away our remaining private healthcare and force all Louisianans into socialized medicine.


The media has an obligation to the people to demand honest answers to questions of importance to our people. But that being said this, is the same governor who stood in front of the whole state and told us that he would not raise taxes because he knew what to do with the budget. He did know the budget and he chose to tell us an untruth.

Now it is time that we know where he stands on socialized medicine delivery and he owes us the truth.



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