John Bel Edwards Used His Official Helicopter To Travel To Campaign Events

Once again, Governor John Bel Edwards is using state resources to boost his reelection bid. He took his official helicopter to attend a political event. The problem is his state helicopter is meant to only be used for state business.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Flight records show Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards (D.) used the state-owned helicopter reserved solely for official business to take a trip that included a campaign event.

Edwards is currently in the final year of his first term as governor, and his use of the position to earn free media attention for his reelection campaign has been spotlighted by local press. Flight records reveal he has also used his access to the state helicopter to travel to campaign events.

On Sunday Aug. 18, flight records for the state-owned helicopter show it was used for a quick morning flight from Baton Rouge to Monroe. The governor and his wife were scheduled to attend a “Sunday Brunch with the Governor and First Lady” at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.

A photo posted from the event by an attendee shows Edwards sitting in front of a sparsely populated dining room next to screens showing both his reelection campaign’s logo and its slogan, “People Over Politics.”

Remember when The Advocate and other state media raised holy hell when Bobby Jindal took his official helicopter to church services in north Louisiana? They criticized Jindal using his helicopter for what they saw as campaign events.

The Advocate, a Baton Rouge-based outlet, reports that Edwards’s predecessor in the governor’s office, Republican Bobby Jindal, “was criticized for his frequent use of state helicopters to attend church services in northern areas of the state, in part because the helicopters cost hundreds of dollars an hour to operate.”

How did The Advocate cover this story? They didn’t cover it. Gee, we wonder why. The Advocate might as well be a super PAC for John Bel Edwards.


This isn’t the first time John Bel has used state resources to boost his reelection campaign. Earlier this year, he fundraised in Los Angeles while on official business. Louisiana taxpayers had to foot the bill for his Louisiana State Police security.




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