APPEL: John Bel Edwards, The Democrats And Socialized Medicine

Here’s a thought. The national Democrats are almost all supporting Single Payer or Medicare for All or some version of that. I believe that they all support giving it to illegal aliens, too – in fact I know it, because I saw it with my own eyes during their first presidential debate. To my thinking this is just a cover-up term that they are using to disguise the fundamental fact that they are for fully socialized medicine and the end to private health insurance. In fact, I know that, too, because several of their frontrunners have been fairly out front about it.

Which brings us to John Bel Edwards, Louisiana’s governor under whose leadership there is now some 41 percent of the state’s population under the umbrella of public-sector health coverage. We know that our governor broke his promise not to raise taxes and that he unilaterally adopted Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. So my question is, what’s next on his agenda?

From his talking points and actions it sure sounds like he wants to follow his national Democrat allies.That would end private insurance in Louisiana and force everyone onto the socialized healthcare system.

Though he was disingenuous about raising taxes and we can’t trust him, he is telegraphing his thinking. Based on his history, if the Democrats beat President Trump, I believe that he would be the first governor to sign on to socialized medicine .


Don’t you think that we deserve to know his position on government run healthcare for all? Don’t you think that the media owes it to the citizens to demand a statement from him on what he would do? How can the people be expected to vote for or against him without knowing his posture on such a huge issue.

If you have health insurance, if you like your doctor, if you are tired of paying more and more taxes to support the governor’s previous mistakes then you better consider carefully how you vote in the governor’s race.



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