MARSH MAN MASSON: Go Where The Redfish Are

Every angler is better at some styles of fishing than others. For instance, the same guy who can lure strikes from 1,000-pound blue marlin might not know how to get crickets out of the cage if you put him a flat boat over a bream bed.

I’m not quite that inept when it comes to pushing way back in shallow marshes and visually hunting for redfish seeking bait and solitude, but it’s not my strong suit. Over the course of my career, I’ve been aboard with some of the best sight-fishermen in the state, and they invariably end up seeing at least three fish for every one I spy. Every time I go, I really love it, but I know it’s something at which I need to improve.

And there’s only one way to make that happen: Just do it!

So this week, that’s what I did. Successive days of east winds raised water levels throughout the Louisiana marsh, and I knew that would push reds way, way back into areas that many days would be completely inaccessible. So I hitched up my boat, made a short drive from home and got in water as skinny as my equipment would allow.


And I’m glad I did. I’m sure Louisiana’s best sight-fishermen would have noticed fish that didn’t get a glance from me, but I still saw plenty and feel like I improved my skills in the process.

For all the details, check out the video below.

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