PERRICONE: It’s Friday The 13th For America, And The Democrats Are Bad Luck

Today, Friday, December 13, 2019, America weeps. Today, everything we have been taught about our founding, our laws, our way of life, our freedoms, and what it means to be an American, has been vitiated by a few political tramps whose only god is the golden altar of power they so lustfully seek.

Black bunting should drape the dome of our Capitol.

This long and winding funereal road began its construction on a cold November night in 2016, if not months before, when an anachronistic Presidential candidate won the approval of over 63 million voters to lead them for the next four and possible eight years. It was a stunning rebuke to the status quo in both the Republican and Democrat parties. The people announced that they were tired of the way our government has been operated for the past 60 years and wanted change. They got it–through the lawful process, the ballot, not the bullet.

Immediately, forces in the Democrat party and their Waffen SS, the news media, began a campaign to disrupt the people’s vote and sought to deny the people another vote on the same candidate. Day after day, the American people were fed a rancid pablum of anti-Republican diet aimed at numbing the minds of the American people. They tried everything in their sinister arsenal. Nearly 95% of the print media printed negative stories about Donald J. Trump and the Republican party. Nearly 100% of the broadcast media did the same. But that wasn’t good enough.

Evil forces, as we now know, enlisted the support of our intelligence agencies, most notably the FBI and the CIA. These are forces never, heretofore, unleashed on the American people to control their vote or the candidate they voted for. Every communist world-wide must give the Democrats a standing ovation, for they did what communism couldn’t–they tried to overthrow the government of the United States.

America, today, weeps the bitter tears of lost freedom. But those tears will soon dry and harden into a resolve never before seen within the shores of America. And those responsible for the failure of our governmental institutions should feel the sword of justice upon their bare necks as soon as possible.

The United States of America has been through one convulsion after another since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. And during his tenure of office, this country has experience great new growth, while abandoning the old ways government. And some people are not happy and have turned our sacred government institutions on their head to remove Trump as our President, and concomitantly, deny the American people of their right to vote. This is not speculation–this is fact.


Yes, today American weeps, but tomorrow, America will rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes caused by the incineration of our laws by the democrats. We will rise up and install true Rule of Law, not some synthetic bastardization of it. The days of sham proceedings and sham news media should be over. Americans deserve better from it’s government, but because we are so damned pre-occupied with our lives, political opportunists have taken advantage of our collective distractions to replace the government of the people with a corrupt oligarcy ruling class in Washington. They must be stopped and stopped now, if we are to survive as a sovereign republic. We are now on life support and only the people can revive ourselves. We have one last chance and it is now.

Today America weeps, because we now have two long investigative reports which outline nothing but governmental abuse by those whom he have entrusted with our freedoms and liberties. The Mueller Report exonerated President Trump from any unlawful collusion by him or his staff with Russia. The Horowitz reports accuses members of our government of spying on the President with the intent to overthrow his presidency, not to mention our vote. They are interlocking exegesis on government failures.

America, please understand that, while you shop in the malls with your heads filled with Christmas music.

Yes, today America weeps, but tomorrow the sun with shine on a new government, if the American people get excited and incited enough. Just as Thomas Paine wrote so many years ago, “these are times that try men’s souls,” the exact sentiment should fill every American’s heart with the same verve that made the early Americans cross a frozen river on Christmas night and engage the enemy to secure the blessings of freedoms, which have been temporarily lost, but soon redeemed. Thank you.



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