PERRICONE: On The Eve Of Impeachment…

So, it’s the eve of the Impeachment trial of President Donald John Trump and what do We the People know about the charges and the coming procedures? Both seem a bit opaque to all of us, even those involved. But the House of Representatives, in their political wisdom, have cobbled together two Articles of Impeachment from thin, hot air, and paraded over to the Senate for trial and disposition.

The Chief Justice of the United States will preside, whatever that means, for as the late Justice Rehnquist said about his role in the Clinton trial, he did very little and did it very well.

Let’s discuss the ersatz Articles. There are only two, for the adduced evidence in the House could not be stretched or mangled any further than two. Shamefully, the House was able to dredge up enough of the English language to assemble two Articles, for which no probative evidence exist.

Recall the hearings.

Every witness called by the Democrats [ Republicans weren’t allowed to call any] had no direct non-hearsay evidence to proffer during the hearings. Only one has a trace of non-hearsay evidence and that was Ambassador Vondland, who actually had exculpatory evidence. That, notwithstanding, the Democrats, hell-bound and determined to Impeach the President forged on with their paper mache hearings and engineered two vapid charges that should have never seen the light of day, nor the gaze of Lady Justice. Frankly, they are a disgrace to the House of Representatives and they will be disgraced forever.

What degree of hatred or fear would drive a seemingly rational group of people to disgrace themselves in such a spectacular manner. It seems that all reason was escorted out the Capitol when rabid politics pranced in the room, salivating on the carpet and demanding the head of the President.

Well, the Democrats got their knives (Pens) and silver platter, but they will never get the President’s head. Why?

1. The evidence supporting the “two-count” indictment does not exist, or it’s totally composed of incurable hearsay evidence, which is intrinsically unreliable. If Roberts does something from his lofty bench, he should prevent any of the putative evidence to enter the record or even be spoken in the Senate Chamber. I pray we have enough vociferous Republicans who will object orally and in writing before any attempt by the Democrats to completely render the United States Capitol building nothing more than a political bordello.


2. The witnesses testimony with supports the Articles of Impeachment would not qualify as probative evidence to support the issuance of a FISA warrant, even if Jim Comey was handing it to a FISA judge. It makes the Steele Dossier look like the Magna Carta. All of it–every witness–was a defeat to the democrat effort to arrange enough letters in the English language to write any Articles of Impeachment. But shamelessly and arrogantly, the Democrats did. Why? For their own political and financial reasons.

3. Political power is a powerful and addictive aphrodisiac. Forget Crack, Heroin or Viagra!! Give a man or woman political power and watch them bloom into raging maniacs seeking more of the drug. They can’t perform without it. And the only Kryptonite is anonymity. That scares them senseless. They need to gaze into the lens of cameras and slobber their way through inane questions by the supine news media. It’s the only way they feel validated.

4. Finally, what’s the prize? The White House and the power of appointments, signing legislation, and, yes, more political power. What makes this so dangerous is that there is no power if they can’t tell We the People how to live our lives, for political power can’t survive in a vacuum. They need us to push around to make themselves realize they have power. We are the coal chunks for their political boilers that generates the steam to keep them going. Without us, the People, they are nothing. Think about that for a moment.

So, we are on the eve of a procedure better fitter for an operation room at Planned Parenthood than the United States Senate. We the People, need to make our voices heard and heard loudly to our representatives that the Democrats power boiler has just blown a gasket,is losing steam and will be rendered inert in short order. We can only pray that those directly involve on the Republican side will stop this abortion of our history and bring it, finally, to a respectful end and preserve our living Republic forever. Thank you,and God Bless the United States of America.



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