PERRICONE: The Bernie Sanders Fan Club Ought To Watch “The Lost City”

For those who think Socialism and its concubine Communism is the path to glory and the cure for all things that ail the United States, I submit you watch “The Lost City,” a 2006 movie produced by Andy Garcia. It captures the deception and consequences of Socialism and Communism, which was wrought upon the people of Cuba in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

When I was in the FBI, I studied Communism and how it robs people of their humanity and spirit. I walked the streets of Berlin and followed the path of the Berlin Wall, which was designed to keep people from escaping the clutches of Communism. If a form of government is so great, there is no need to imprison your citizens and force them to submit to it. It is the antithesis of freedom.

Personally, and closer to home, my wife is from Cuba and escaped that miserable place when she was a kid in 1964. They lost everything at the point of a gun and left the island with only the clothes on their back.

And now, when we have presidential candidates telling us how great Cuba is and aspire that the United States should follow them down the road to perdition. Has America lost its collective minds? No one should be given a moment of serious time who espouses the tenants of Socialism and/or Communism, as the way the United States should be govern. Here are some reasons; I’m sure you have your own.

1. The principles of Socialism are antithetical to the United States Constitution, which is designed to restrain government, not empower it more.

2. Socialism robs people of their souls and renders them walking zombies for the state. No longer will a man or woman be rewarded for their labor, but denied the rewards of industry and perseverance. You belong to the state, instead of the state belonging to you.

3. All creativity and research would be stymied. Despite what any politician says, Cuba and other venues of Communism have not elevated their people from poverty to prosperity, but just the opposite. Last night I saw people in Venezuela capturing drinking water from a drainage canal, because its government chose a path of Socialism. Is that what awaits America?


4. Only those in government prosper and the gates of power are locked to the common man with ideas foreign to Socialism. If you want to seek a continuation of a vibrant Republic, you will be locked out of any form of participatory government. Your Representatives, if we can call them that, will be answerable to the state, not you. And if you have a vote, that vote will be controlled and filtered to the satisfaction of those in power. Do you want that?

5. You are rendered a serf or vassal and not a citizen any longer. Once you put a socialist or communist in power, it’s too late. The only way to dislodge them is by kinetic force, which will shed blood and cost lives.

The above are some of the hallmarks of a disease known as Socialism. I am sure clear-thinking people can think of other indicia of this plague, but for now, concentrate on these five. Teach them to your children. Spread the word to your friends. The United States of America stands for freedom and only informed people can be free. That is why so many people have fallen under the boot Socialism, for they ignored the warning signs that portend the loss of their freedom.

It’s February 27, 2020 and we, have until the first week of November 2020 to educate each other to the ills of what the Democrats – all of them – have waiting for us, if they regain the White House. They must be stopped and stopped now. Let’s pull the trigger on the voting machine in November and deny the Democrats the opportunity to pull the trigger on us and kill our freedoms and way of life.

Thank you.



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