When a presidential candidate suggests pre-born babies should be killed, seniors should be left to die, and farmers know nothing [videos]

It’s important to understand the mindset of the billionaire elitist New Yorker, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The Democratic presidential hopeful does not think the way the rest of America does– and he has no problem telling us why we are beneath him.

Few people in the world have created companies, bought off opponents, or successfully switched parties to run, and win, elected office as he has.

American farmers– who are responsible for feeding much of the world– don’t know what they are doing, for example, he argues, in fact he can (and does) do better:

Pre-born babies are a burden and should be killed. It’s a hassle for women to take family leave. According to one court document:

On April 11, 1995 at approximately 11:20 a.m., Bloomberg was having a photograph taken with two female Company salespeople and a group of N.Y.U. Business School students, in the company snack area. When Bloomberg noticed Garrison standing nearby, he asked, “Why didn’t they ask you to be in the picture? I guess they saw your face.” Continuing his penchant for ridiculing recently married women in his employ, Bloomberg asked plaintiff, “How’s married life? You married?” Plaintiff responded that her marriage was great and was going to get better in a few months: that she was pregnant, and the baby was due the following September. He responded to her “Kill it!” Plaintiff asked Bloomberg to repeat himself, and again he said, “Kill it!” and muttered, “Great! Number 16!” suggesting to plaintiff his unhappiness that sixteen women in the Company had maternity-related status. Then he walked away.

(This lawsuit excludes the years and years of sexist and horrible comments Bloomberg’s made to and about women, documented by the Washington Post.)

Seniors and the elderly aren’t worth caring for and should die, according to Bloomberg:

But– God forbid he not participate in the annual Gay Mermaid parade in Brooklyn:


This is what $61 billion looks like, meanwhile, everyone else who knows nothing about everything can go pound sand.



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