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As our readers might know, yesterday we debuted a “pre-launch” of the Hayride 2020 app – specifically to begin beta-testing the Speakeasy, the insider forum which will become the app’s heart. At the Speakeasy we’ll have gossip, nuggets of information not quite yet ready for full Hayride posts, we’ll start arguments and so on. We want to get that forum up and running a little early, so that on or about August 1 when the app fully launches with ad-free content viewing from this site and some multimedia and podcast premium stuff only the subscribers can see and hear, there will be a rocking town square for folks to participate in. In the Speakeasy yesterday, I put up a thread talking about masks and Gov. John Bel Edwards’ insistence on them and the curious quality of what seems to come out of his mouth.

But before I get to that, which I’m going to reproduce here, there’s a video from Ben Swann’s Truth In Media, an excellent YouTube channel which specializes in challenging the often-fraudulent political and corporate media narratives, and it has to do with masks and what the science – before COVID-19 came along and this strange synergy between public health bureaucrats and the political class descended on us – actually has to say about whether masks do any good in stopping the spread of a virus.

Here’s Swann…

He’s citing a number of studies done over the years not necessarily on COVID-19, but with respect to the spread of a virus this disease isn’t anything particularly new. It consists of tiny particles, perhaps 0.1 microns or so, which travel in droplets in the air and on surfaces. That is a fairly common viral template, so what science existed prior to COVID-19 doesn’t all of a sudden become obsolete, and a definitive 2015 or 2019 study which says masks don’t work doesn’t all of a sudden become irrelevant.

So here was what I wrote yesterday about Edwards’ Mask Nazism and how peculiar it is that the masks are all he seems to care about…

…these are rather obvious, but I thought them worth mentioning after listening to part of his press conference this afternoon in which he (1) said Jeff Landry is wrong in all his points and (2) claimed that the state’s health-care system is dangerously close to hitting its capacity on its current trajectory despite the fact it’s barely 2/3rds of its peak of capacity from the COVID spike back in April.

The first thing is that Edwards is absolutely, completely nonchalant about the collateral damage his lockdowns are doing not just to the economy but to the lives of the people he’s governing. He couldn’t give a damn about them. All he cares about is how much federal money he can get and spread around to his contractors. He doesn’t even try to hide that.

But the second thing, which is what’s really striking about this entire thing, is that Edwards gives not a fig about trying to treat people with COVID.

The fact is that in most of the country the death rates of people who’ve contracted the virus have become very low. There’s a reason for this – while it’s very a infectious virus and presents a serious risk to certain elements of the population, it’s really very treatable.

From an excellent piece by Daniel Bobinski at

Tools for fighting a Covid infection

It is unfathomable to me the number of people who believe fear-mongering politicians and their media cohorts who convey the idea that catching Covid is a death sentence.

To quote Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of New York:

COVID is very real. But if we treat it early and the right way, it’s nothing to fear. I saw early use of zinc, hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin result in an over 99% survival rate in my COVID patients. Don’t let professional scaremongers dictate the narrative.”

The treatment Zelenko is talking about has become known as The Zelenko Protocol, which leads to a 100% survival rate in low-risk patients and a 99.3% survival rate in high-risk patients. What’s a high-risk patient? Zelenko says anyone age 60+ with symptoms and those under 60 with comorbidities or shortness of breath.

The protocol’s success comes from treating on clinical suspicion, which means not waiting for test results. If a high-risk person presents with symptoms, start the protocol right away so the infection doesn’t have time to get a strong foothold.

And what is the protocol? It’s a low-cost (usually $20) prescription.

    • Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 2x/daily for 5 days
    • Zinc sulfate 220mg 1x/daily for 5 days
    • Azithromycin 500mg 1x/daily for 5 days

Another tool gaining attention is using a nebulizer for inhaling the corticosteroid Budesonide. Normally used for treating asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Budesonide inhaled through a nebulizer combined with zinc has produced a 100% Covid recovery rate for patients of Dr. Richard Bartlett of Midland, Texas. At least one hospital has cleared its ICU of Covid patients by using Bartlett’s protocol.

Bartlett wrote that he chose Budesonide over other corticosteroids because “it appears to block most of the cytokine storm inflammatory chemicals that Covid-19 triggers.” He also says, “100% of [his] patients appear to be symptom-free following a course of inhaled Budesonide therapy.” Bartlett has published a Case Study Report for people to review.

That piece really is worth a read all the way through. It’s excellent.

What would be a terrific departure from his current conduct would be for Edwards to get people back to work and insist they restart their lives, and then mobilize the medical community – together with surging resources – toward treating people who test positive for the virus with the cheap and effective treatments which have already shown themselves to work.

The state has something like 85,000 COVID patients. If everybody who tests positive gets outfitted with a Zelensky protocol kit, it would cost Louisiana something on the order of $1.7 million. Why not try that rather than shut down entire sectors of the economy trying to keep people from getting a coronavirus they’re all eventually going to get anyway?

And don’t tell me he’s following the best advice of the medical experts. First of all, the public health bureaucrats on the White House’s COVID task force have proven themselves incapable of giving “best advice.” They’ve been all over the map. And second, Edwards has proven his adherence to scientific consensus is selective by his silence on the reopening of schools, when it’s very clear there is no medical reason to keep kids home.

This is not to say that if you want to wear a mask because it makes you feel good you shouldn’t. But mandating masks is, at minimum, an overreach. And what’s completely crazy about all this is Edwards’ insistence on shutting down normal life when the virus seems so treatable.


They’re giving away free McDonald’s gift cards at testing sites, when they ought to be giving away free courses of the Zelensky protocol to people who test positive. It would be far cheaper than what the state is currently doing, and it would do a better job of keeping COVID-19 patients from filling the hospitals. Particularly compared to trying to compel everybody to wear masks.

The really disappointing thing about all this, and it applies to Edwards along with lots of his peers, is that he doesn’t seem to have the slightest plan to get our lives back to normal – or if he does have one he certainly doesn’t show great willingness to articulate it. The state is bragging about conducting a million COVID-19 tests of a population of 4.5 million, and all he’s proven is that a coronavirus is going to spread throughout the population regardless of what a governor does.

Let’s work on treating the infected population as cheaply, quickly and effectively as possible. Maybe then we can make the hysteria go away.

Assuming that’s even something Edwards wants.



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