OWEN: One Suburban Woman’s Case For Trump

Editor’s Note: A guest post by Carolyn V. Owen, who fits the profile of the “suburban woman” the legacy media insists is abandoning the Republican Party. It would be somewhat inconvenient for Carolyn to do so, as her husband, state representative Chuck Owen, is one of the staunchest conservatives in the Louisiana legislature, and furthermore she evidences no desire whatsoever to do so. Here is her case for why no abandonment of the GOP, or President Trump, is necessary for suburban women.

There has been a lot of news lately about what “suburban women” think or will do in the upcoming Presidential election.   I’m stepping up with this letter to let anyone know who cares to know what THIS suburban woman is going to do: I will be proudly voting for Donald J. Trump.

I am tired of being lumped into a group that I really can’t believe exists in the numbers we hear about on the national scene.  At this moment in time, some might consider me a “rural” woman, because I live in a small town in Louisiana.  In fact, I happily live in a rural town because  we came back here after traveling the country and different parts of the world.   I’ve lived in suburbs of places like Baton Rouge, Shreveport and in Yorktown, Virginia.  I also happen to have lived in Germany and Italy.   So yes, I am what you might consider a suburban woman.

There is a simple and unapologetic reason I am voting for Trump:   He loves America.   He loves our country with a sincere and genuine passion.   When he came down the escalator in New York in 2015 and gave his first address, I told my husband: “I’m for him.  You do what you want, but I’m voting for Trump.”   For the record, my husband was an ardent Ted Cruz supporter before Trump got into the race.   It took him about two weeks before he caught up and joined me as an ardent supporter of Donald J. Trump.   We’ve both been on the Trump train ever since.

The fact is, I don’t think we’ve had a President in our country’s history who has unflinchingly professed and acted on his love for our country like Donald Trump.    I am a big Ronald Reagan fan; Reagan was the commencement speaker at my graduation from LSU and I truly admired him. But President Trump is something different, even from Reagan. He loves this country and he puts us first. He puts our security first. He puts our people first. He brags on our country and doesn’t apologize for us. He is a great patriot, and I am proud to vote for him.


My great grandfather served in the Army in World War I. My grandfather served in World War II as an Army officer. My father was fighter pilot in the Cold War. My husband served our nation for 20 years in the Air Force. I come from a family of patriots, and I believe in the United States of America. I know the President will support our military and keep this country safe and keep making us great.

I’ve already cast my vote for President Trump and I hope you will, too. God bless our great country and may He bless our wonderful President. Geaux Trump!!!!!!!!



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