VIDEO: Amy Barrett’s Opening Statement Yesterday

This week, to the consternation and histrionics of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Democrat minority, the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett are taking place on Capitol Hill.

So far, despite the fact that the Mazie Hironos, Cory Bookers and Kamala Harrises took turns insulting Barrett yesterday, things are going well. As she was back in 2017 when she was confirmed as an appellate judge, Barrett is unflappable, she’s smart, she’s kind.

And she’s courageous. The Democrats are doing everything they can to knock her down, but they really don’t have anything. At all.


Here’s what happened when Barrett, after five hours of having to sit with a mask on and listen to weepy speechmaking about how awful it is that the Senate is confirming her so close to an election, finally got to make a statement of her own…

At the American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord summed up the Democrats’ efforts this week pretty well…

As with the confirmation battle over Justice Thomas, Barrett’s real sin is that she is a very smart, extremely well-qualified woman — who is a conservative. Which effectively makes her, in the eyes of the Left, a traitor to her gender. Just as Justice Thomas was seen as a traitor to his race.

To add insult to injury, Barrett is a devout Catholic and the mother of seven, with two of her children adopted — and black. Joe Biden, reply Barrett’s critics, is a Catholic too. Yes, but he is a Catholic who long ago changed his position and supported abortion. Barrett is on the record as having criticized Roe v. Wade — and that is, for the Left, the ultimate political sin.

What is it that makes the Left and its Democratic Party insist that to be black or a woman has to mean liberal as well? The answer is simple. This is how progressives get political power. Racism and genderism — both identity politics — are the political fuel of the Left. And if you are either black and a woman and, God forbid, have departed the liberal plantation, the Left is coming for you if you are nominated or elected to any serious position of power in American government.

Time after time some version of this has played out, well beyond the treatment of Justice Thomas or what Judge Barrett is currently experiencing. The party that celebrated the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for her leadership on women’s issues simply could not abide the late conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly. They celebrate former President Barack Obama — but cannot stand conservative Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, with Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin assailing Sen. Scott as a “token.”



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