GURVICH: The Facts About Where The 2020 Election Sits

First the facts:

Fact number one: Whether one or even all of the networks have called the race makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in the determination of the winner of the presidential election. Democrat calls for the President to make a graceful exit are premature and in any event politically motivated. They are very unhelpful at this sensitive time and should be ignored as the pure Democrat propaganda which they in fact are.

Fact number two: In several states (Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin) Joe Biden’s leads actually are quite narrow. It would not take much to reverse the outcome, and in some states not all the votes have even been counted.

Fact number three: The likely nature of the lawsuit in Pennsylvania involves a constitutional issue and a potentially very serious error by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Taken together, these legal issues have the potential to reverse a 42,000+ vote lead.

Fact number four: Much has been made of the fact that statewide recounts typically change only a few dozen to a few thousand votes. Apparently forgotten is the fact that uncertified vote tallies are frequently off by thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of votes. This isn’t a question of challenging a few defective ballots here and there, but of correcting by recount the occasional serious mathematical mistakes which ordinary human beings make when hurriedly counting votes.


Fact number five: Let us not forget that President Trump leads in North Carolina and Alaska, so he will likely be adding to his electoral vote total in any case.  He is not as far away from ultimate victory as the current electoral vote totals on your TV screen would lead you to believe.

Taken together, the President is not only within his rights in pursuing these issues in the courts, he is only doing what any other candidate in the same or similar situation would do. He is in a tough spot but we wish him Godspeed!


Louis Gurvich, Chairman
Republican Party of Louisiana



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