VIDEO: Tom Woods Absolutely Eviscerates COVID Lockdowns And Mask Mandates

This is just under 20 minutes long, but it’s about as thorough a takedown of the COVID stupidity which has swept across the world as you’ll see. Woods, who is one of the most compelling advocates on the libertarian side (which means he’s wrong on a few key issues we’ll have to forgive him for in order to enjoy the high points), is absolutely on fire here talking about what he calls the “COVID cult” and the completely unscientific and unmitigatedly stupid calls for lockdowns and mask mandates.

The best part of the lecture comes when Woods brings up the graphs of COVID case counts and places on the timelines where the mask mandates were put in. Anyone who can see those graphs and still defend mask mandates has unquestionably had their fill of the COVID kool-aid, because they make a prima facie case for the fact the masks absolutely do not work.

And the lockdowns absolutely do not work, either. The same data prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

But as Woods says, we’re still beset by tyrannical troglodytes like Zeke Emanuel and Anthony Fauci (why Fauci still shovels our tax dollars into his bank account is a question President Trump, sadly, ought to be held to account for; Fauci should have been cashiered haf a year ago or more) who demand more stringent shutdowns and longer deprivations, all in the name of beating a coronavirus which is (1) not very deadly at the end of the day and (2) highly infectious to the point it’s obvious we’re all going to be exposed to it eventually.


This despite the very obvious and apparent fact that there are other things in the world which are worse than COVID, and the strange voodoo of the COVID cult tends to make those things a lot more dangerous. We’ve been told all our lives that poverty and social isolation are real live killers, and yet poverty and social isolation are explicit public policy according to the abject idiots in charge of so many states and countries.

It’s past time that the American people told the incompetents and wannabe tyrants inflicting themselves and their ridiculous, draconian, unscientific COVID stupidities on our civil liberties where they can get off. There are an awful lot of things out there which merit civil disobedience, but stupid COVID shutdowns and infringements top the list. And if the demented usurper wannabe president Dirty Joe Biden tries to institute some sort of national shutdown, it’s the duty of all American patriots to make the country ungovernable if not to have at Biden with tar, feathers and a rail.

Here’s Woods. Enjoy.



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