APPEL: A Proposal For Some Counter-Re-Education

According to media pundits, millions of our people have been blindly swept up into a cult-like relationship built upon destructive, anti-democratic politics. This travesty must end before it is too late.

To help confused voters through this crisis of anti-democratic ideas, we are proposing a new educational institute. Our institute’s program is designed to help baffled Americans cut through the political fog to understand the dangers that occur when one’s trust is placed in anti-American leaders and their misguided philosophy.

As suggested by the media, we will be offering de-programming and re-education services to the unfortunate many who have allowed themselves to be taken in by the “Great Lie”, better known as Democratic Socialism. Further, our program includes a process to break down the media-created aura of key socialist and play-acting socialist Democratic leaders including an ancient socialist/communist who finally hit the jackpot, a 30-something ex-bartender, and a whole slew of septuagenarian and octogenarian career politicians who became fabulously wealthy while spending their lives in Congress telling us all that America was stained by original sin.

Starting on April 1st we are opening our new institute right here in Louisiana. We believe that our efforts are desperately needed and, when fully implemented, we will be able to help thousands of people kick their addiction to politicians promising something for nothing.

To appreciate our strategy of de-programing and then re-educating you or your loved ones against all the anti-American nonsense that the media spends its time on, the following is the curricula of our Institute.

Day 1 –

Morning Session – an overview of the history of socialism, especially in the Western Hemisphere
Afternoon Session – a film study of the famine, death, and economic misery wrought by socialism.

Day 2 –

Morning Session – a study of the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem and what they stand for.
Afternoon Session – a comprehensive study of the history of the United States, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers

Day 3-

Morning Session – a comprehensive review of US political and economic policies based on the principle of freedom and an understanding of the incredible history of prosperity brought on by them.
Afternoon Session – a deep dive into the Democratic Party’s attraction to socialism and the intent of Democratic leaders and the media to use it to supplant capitalism and freedom; an in depth review of Democratic propaganda techniques, including their treacherous mis-use of words like “unity”, “fairness”, “cancelling” and “equity”.


Day 4 – an entire day with a trained psychologist

Morning Session – understanding the dangers of the allure of Democratic Party techniques such as identity politics and all the “-isms”; how the media aids Democratic efforts by casting dispersion on American ideals and American history.
Afternoon Session – play-acting a real-life scenario set in a time of Democratic Socialism.

Day 5 –

Morning Session – a field trip to the Veterans Home to meet average Americans who stood up to international socialism and held it in check.
Afternoon Session – graduation ceremony at the Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square, a discussion of how “cancelling” history is a powerful tool of socialist subversives.

If you, your friends, or your family members find themselves addicted to the allure of the Democratic Party’s cult-like fascination with socialism, please consider applying to our institute.

The media is partially right, we are a nation besieged with anti-democratic ideas such as Democratic Socialism. We can fix that. Your time and effort will be worth it for your children and grandchildren.

Thank you for helping America,

Your Friends at the Katie Couric De-Programming/Re-Education Institute

Remember April 1st!



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