APPEL: Trump May Be Leaving Office, But He Isn’t Going Away

The media is positively salivating over conjecture of how the Democrats, with the help of supposedly recalcitrant Republicans, will erase Trump from the American psyche. I have bad news for the media, the reason that Trump secured so many more votes than Obama ever did was not because of who he is, it was because of what he stood for.

Conservatives have suffered through generations of leadership, both Democrat and Republican, that allowed or pushed the American nation away from the Center Right that had brought about so much prosperity. The direction our political elite has pushed us has been toward the Left. Now it’s toward even the more Extreme Left.

This was a shift both economic and societal. Economic, away from individual freedom and self-worth, toward growing government dependency based upon the Left’s contention that America is fundamentally flawed with a multitude of unfair forces standing in the way of the ability of citizens to prosper. Societal, away from traditional morals and family structure, toward identity/class warfare, the Left’s modus operandi to gain political power.

No, seventy-five million Americans did not vote for Trump because they thought that he was a perfect person. They voted for Trump because for the first time in generations they recognized that the cause of returning America to the Center Right had found a champion. They voted for him because he was the only option to overcome Leftist societal policies that have resulted in overwhelming societal ills: bad education outcomes, crime, loss of respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, drug abuse, broken families, and on and on.

They voted for him because he was their option to overcome Leftist economic policies that until Trump came along had left Americans impotent in the face of the export of jobs and companies, diminished incomes, dwindled opportunities, and government dependency that had become evermore the rule and not the exception.

So now, the Left and its media allies have had their way, Trump is gone and a feckless leader who will succumb to Leftist pressure has taken his place. Media propaganda leaves one to believe that the great evil has been expunged from our nation and that we will soon return to business as usual. To them that business as usual is all good. To them the path to La La Land is paved with Progressive/socialist policies and that road has just been cleared.


Trump may be gone, but I have bad news for the media. Trumpism is now firmly implanted in the hearts of a huge number of Americans. They have seen prosperity increase, as individual freedom replaced the Washington Swamp. They have seen what it means to put the American worker and American companies ahead of profits for Wall Street. They have seen what it means to create record incomes for women and minorities. They have seen what it means to control illegal immigration that was taking jobs away from the weakest participants in the workforce. They have seen what it means to institute policies that favor family and a return to more Conservative social values. They have tasted Trumpism, and they like it.

Yes, Trump may be gone, but Trumpism is alive and well and all those supposedly recalcitrant Republicans in Congress know it, or, if they do not, they will not be there long. Conservatives have been empowered by the successes of Trumpism. Many more, though they may have voted against the man, have tasted the rewards of Trumpism. The recent memory of Trumpism versus Progressivism/socialism will make it obvious that the Left only offers a retreat from freedom and prosperity. The people, never having had a foil to compare to Progressive/socialist policies, will now recognize the empty promises made by the Left. As we recede back into the morass of leftist leadership it will soon become obvious to all Americans that the tenets of Trumpism, captured by the slogan Make America Great Again, really did mean a lot to their everyday lives.

Trump may be gone, but Trumpism or some version thereof is entrenched in the American politic. The next four years will be the subject of untold political science theses as Americans, perhaps for the first time ever, have a clear understanding of the impact between what the Progressive/socialist Left and the Right offer.

In the end, I have no doubt that, once the results have become clear, the great American Center Right will re-emerge, as the American people end their acceptance of Progressivism/socialism and a media that has abandoned fairness for political motivation.



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