BAYHAM: A Note Of Thanks To President Trump

On Wednesday morning I made a point of watching President Donald Trump and his elegant wife and nation’s second immigrant first lady board Marine One from the south lawn of the White House as they began their transition from America’s first couple to private citizens if such a term could possibly be applied to a public man like Trump.

The most improbable president ever proved to be a disruptive force in a Beltway culture that badly needed to be shaken and stirred.

For the first time since 1980, America had a Republican president who was substantially different from those in the other party, who challenged, without blushing, the pernicious progressive culture war on American society and heritage.

Though the media circulated no shortage of lies about President Trump perhaps the most absurd was questioning his love of country.  Yet no news network ever had their Twitter accounts shut down while peddling such libels.

We had a fearless America First advocate who put our nation’s interests to the forefront, not subjugating them to the sentiments of other world leaders and the benefit of domestic lobbyists who enriched their foreign clients and themselves.

Trump has forever transformed our party and we must resolve never to go back to the Bush-McCain-Romney Era of political meekness and ideological pastels.

And if the only thing Trump succeeded in doing in politics is shaking the GOP out of its Stockholm Syndrome, then he would’ve achieved a lot.

But beyond party politics, Trump did something unique for politicians: he worked towards the fulfillment of the promises he made regardless of blowback.

What a novel concept to millions of Americans who have been conditioned over generations into mildly accepting the insincerity of candidates as the norm.

No president has ever been subjugated to the blind hatred and unhinged wrath of the media and their coverage of the president revealed far more about their own inadequacies than their target.

It could be truly said that President Trump never had a single good news day. What an indictment of the Fourth Estate!

Trump expanded America’s culture of opportunity and extended prosperity like no predecessor before him.

On the foreign scene he followed through on the Republican Party’s hollow pledge to relocate America’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

And somehow Armageddon did not result. Funny how having the most powerful military in the world allows a country to do the right thing.

His administration was undone by a combination of factors that made reelection seemingly unlikely if not impossible: a radicalized mendacious press corps that fully embraced a Resistance identity; an increasingly politicized popular culture that was exploited  to weaponize entertainment; increasing indoctrination of generations of young people by a failed educational system; perfidious staffers who undermined his administration from the inside; and the collusion of local and state officials to stoke racial unrest across the country and permit riots without consequence.

Yet despite all of this, Trump could’ve withstood all of these powerful forces marshalled against him and won a comfortable re-election but for COVID-19, a pandemic of foreign origin that led to a rearrangement of every aspect of society, increasing the arbitrary power of local and state governments to unprecedented degrees, kneecapping a powerful economy; and most importantly causing mass suffering and death across the planet.

And we were not permitted by the media to call it what it was or say where it came from.

Though spread from Communist China, Donald Trump was incredibly assigned full responsibility for practically every casualty of this plague even though failures in policies on the state and local levels exacerbated the problem.

Furthermore drastic measures implemented by other countries did more to flatten their economies than the curve.


Trump recognized that the path forward was the development of a vaccine and in what was truly a marvel in scientific development, several were created within the same year Red China’s most notorious import arrived on our shores.

In a disgusting irony of this calamity, the worst state administrator in regards to COVID-19 received an Emmy Award for his self-serving press conferences that papered over his own deadly ineptitude that resulted in needless deaths in his state.

Andrew Cuomo should’ve received a golden statuette of Jack Kevorkian as his prize.

And it would be COVID-19 that would open the door to a rushed through, unsecured means of conducting a national election that would do more to undermine the public’s confidence in democracy than Russian social media memes could ever hope to.

To be sure, the myriad of daggers plunged into the Trump Presidency had the fingerprints of more than just the usual suspects on their handles, for some of those belonged to the 45th president himself.

To refuse acknowledgement of the president’s own errors in bringing down his administration is to drift from the realm of loyalty to the camp of cult.

President Trump entrusted his re-election and his agenda to a parade of scoundrels and Quislings and at the end of the day the buck stops at the Resolute desk.

Furthermore the president’s public messaging on COVID and his bulldozer performance in the first debate squandered the gains he made in the virtual convention.

But the degree of malignance that the president, First Lady Melania, and the rest of Trump’s family endured represented the intense hatred of the Left and ugliness of American politics that dissuades countless honorable and talented individuals from offering their services to their community and country.

As Donald Trump turns to the newest chapter of his remarkable life that doubtlessly has more pages to be penned, he should take great satisfaction in the effort he put forth into serving the American people and for having the guts to shove back while his Republican predecessors tolerated being pushed around by the opposing party and their confederates in the establishment media.

Yes his executive orders will be quickly reversed and his judicial legacy might be somewhat diluted through the possible Democratic overreach of creating new judgeships, but Trump proved that it is possible that someone from outside the political class could become president.

Thank you President Trump and First Lady Melania for taking the slings and the arrows for your countrymen.



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