PERRICONE: Biden’s Attack On Oil Is So Stupid It’s Suspicious

Louisiana Oil. What exactly is it? What does it mean? What can it do? What has it done?

Obviously, for many intellectually-challenged people in the Biden Administration, the answers to these questions are elusive as a bead of mercury on a stainless steel plate. They can’t comprehend what they don’t understand or want to understand. But rest assured,  in their past lives or the enjoyment thereof, somehow, involve the black and brown icky substance men have been retrieving from the earth for many decades, especially in Louisiana. And if their stock portfolios included energy stocks–the ones they are selling now–they made money off the sweaty brows of the Louisiana oil man.

From the well head to the refinery and beyond, oil touches the lives of many people and their families. The explorations and production of oil and its derivative products have built homes, communities, universities, careers, and families. In short, oil is the life blood of many Louisiana communities, just as politics and the flow of money has built Washington, DC.

But crude is much cleaner.

When one sees tectonic shifts in government legislation and regulations, the curious mind should ask: why? Why have laws and regulations, which once allowed for the growth of an essential industry necessary for utter survival of the United States, suddenly shut that industry down like a rusty valve? The consequences are too numerous to catalogue, but a few are worth mentioning to illustrate the insanity of what the Biden Administration is doing to Louisiana and other energy producing states.

First, the loss of thousands of exploration jobs in the Gulf of Mexico, from the drilling platform to the ancillary industries which support their tireless effort. Families and communities will suffer and no job created in Washington will replace their loss. That’s pure folly. Government’s role in industry is to step back and let the experts do what they are trained to do. No one in Biden Administration has ever been a geologist, engineer, tool pusher, or driller. Their experience comes from reading left-wing books and chalk boards in leftist universities. Nothing they are doing approximates reality or the consequences thereof.

Second, the loss of downstream industry jobs is further evidence of the consequences of the actions of the Biden Administration. From the well head to the creation of petro-derivative products, many jobs and families will be affected by this reckless move. It’s not just Louisiana, but the entire country which will suffer, for the pipeline from Louisiana flows north, not south.


Third, the state of Louisiana derives much of its revenues from the oil and gas industry–so does Texas. Neither state supported Biden for President. So, is this retribution? Is it designed to punish millions of people and thus make them more subjective to the will of the master state on the Potomac? Punishing Louisiana will have a downstream effect on the rest of the nation. Solar power, while very nice and clean (unless you’re a bird flying too close to the solar mirrors), is not a suitable replacement for oil or other fossil energy sources. Oil and gas flows 24 hours a day–the sun shines only 8 to 10 hours a day, depending on the season.

Fourth, why make the United States dependent on hostile nations for our energy needs? This is beyond crazy. What’s next, depending on hostile nations for a food supply? A strong United States is an independent United States. We have enough land and natural resources to be independent, but it seems the current government doesn’t want Americans to be free or independent.

Yes, I am discussing Louisiana. But for the other states, don’t ignore this cry. For this little state has done so much for the United States that you can’t, at this moment, quantify. But the loss of Louisiana’s prime industry will impact every American soon and I believe that is exactly what the Biden Administration wants. They want to control our very lives from the moment we wake up to the moment we retire. They want to control our speech, our money, our jobs, our property, our careers our health and our entire freedom, to the extent they allow it to exist.

Now is the time for all freedom-loving Americans to wake up and see what is on our doorsteps. Today, it’s Louisiana, but tomorrow it will be your state, your city, your community and your life.




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