PERRICONE: What Impeachment Hath Wrought

Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Democrat Political Party, along with some Republican apostates, removed the proverbial aisle which separates their political positions and replaced it with a Berlin Wall, together with barbed wire, searchlights and gun towers. All pretense of comity was destroyed when the Pelosi-led mob voted to impeach President Donald Trump a second time.

And like the first attempt to humiliate him from office failed, so will this one. It therefore will reflect far more on the quality of Pelosi’s leadership than on Trump’s when all is said and done.

Since the moment Trump announced his candidacy for President, the Democrats and their Republican sycophants have been on a forced march to attack his administration. And despite all their efforts, Trump still emerges as an accomplished president and the Democrats have consigned themselves to the trash heap of failed policy and politics.

And who has suffered and will suffer? The people of the United States of America. Indeed, there is no doubt the Democrats don’t care about the plight of the American people. One has only to look at their behavior the last four years.


The division in this country has gone from a narrow aisle to an impenetrable high wall and it will require a special person to bring it down. Unfortunately, I see no Ronald Reagan on the political horizon. Indeed, I believe that there are forces extant who disdain unity and thrive from our nation’s division. A united United States is, to some foreign adversaries, a hegemonic demon which must be rendered into shards to be conquered. And with the change of administrations, it appears that plan is well on its way.

The remaining question is how much does it take to sell out your country? I submit it was much more than thirty pieces of silver.



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