GURVICH: War Inside The Republican Party? What War?

Of late, the media has been furiously promoting a narrative of raging levels of conflict within the Republican Party between pro and anti-Trump factions. The canned storyline always begins by assuming that the Republican Party has been left morally bankrupt by President Trump, and typically concludes with predictions of the party’s imminent demise.

True, there have been several Republican elected officials who have recently made remarks critical of President Trump, and from the beginning of his presidency some conservative journalists have proclaimed themselves to be ‘never-Trumpers.’ However, these individuals certainly do not represent a major schism within the Republican Party.

I suspect that the media’s prophesies of the doom of the Republican Party represent a wish list as opposed to a critical analysis of the true state of our party. Frankly, most of the legacy media is nowadays far too ideologically biased to conduct a critical analysis of anything having to do with politics.

So what about the state of our party right here in Louisiana? I was jarred into thinking about the situation when a reporter recently asked me whether the LAGOP was riven by pro versus anti-Trump factionalism. The question was completely unexpected, but I had only to think for a moment before answering: Except for the occasional emails from disheartened individuals momentarily stung by our recent defeats, nothing of the sort was happening here.

The facts are that the LAGOP is united and ready to take on the social-progressives and whatever remains of the Louisiana Democrat Party. What’s more, our party is growing at a furious pace while our candidates continue to win elections, usually by increasing margins over their previous victories. For example, President Trump’s 2016 vote total was the highest of any candidate in the state’s history, until his record was broken by more than seventy-seven thousand votes in 2020.


So there do not appear to be any warring factions within the ranks of the LAGOP. Quite the contrary, our party is ready, willing, and able to fight the upcoming battles for the fate of our state and our nation. And battles there will be, as leftists continue to demonize seventy-four million Trump voters, target individual Republicans for retribution, and wantonly destroy property, all with apparent impunity as Democrat officials look on.

You see, the pundits did get one thing right: Moral bankruptcy is indeed a major problem in today’s America. Just not among Republicans.



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