PERRICONE: Guard Your First Amendment Rights Ferociously, Or Else

There are many published expressions about our right as Americans to freely express ourselves without the fear of consequences. Sadly, many lawyers and judges have a blind side to the First Amendment, either by ignorance or intent. Either way, any infringement of your right to express yourself, short of advocating imminent violence, should be allowed, without fear.

Our founding fathers knew what the loss of freedom to express themselves was like. Dissent in the colonies was punishable by imprisonment or worse. Assembly of thoughts was viewed as a precursor to insurrection: still is. Many authoritative regimes, like ours is today, know that a thought clearly expressed, is a very dangerous thing to their opposing agenda. Therefore, dictators, when they assume power, close down free expression as a way to perpetuate their power. The examples are legion, so I won’t spend your time listing them.

Man has an intellect–some greater than others. But regardless of your intellectual level, you must communicate. Even Steven Hawkins did up to his last sentient moment. We are not pre-programmed organisms. Our brains absorb information, catalogue it, process it, organize it, and then we express it in one form or another. For me, it’s writing. For others, it’s art. For others, it’s music, For others, it’s oratory. But regardless of your chosen medium, your brain has the innate need to express your thoughts–good or bad.

That is why our right to free speech has a corresponding right to free absorption of ideas. You have a right to speak, but you also have a right to hear others’ thoughts. And if you don’t like what you hear, you have the right to debate or ignore. That’s the essence of freedom.

Today, the government–at all levels–wants to control what you say and what you hear. That is a violation of our Constitution and the natural law of man. Currently, several broadcast cable networks are under fire by our own Congress. The Fox News Network, OANN, Newsmax and others, are under fierce attack by those who want to control their speech content and what you have a right to hear. This is an abomination and an assault against the natural rights of man and the rights enshrined in our Constitution.


No longer can freedom-loving Americans tolerate the intolerable. We, all of us, must resist our government in this devious endeavor. Once we lose the right to speech, or in my case, are penalized for it, we become serfs and vassals of a hegemonic government who views us as necessary evils from whence they derive their tax revenues and perpetuation of their powers.

Never be silent and never allow the government to regulate your speech. For most Americans, they just want to be left alone and have nothing to say–so they think. Remember this: there will come a day when the meekest among us will have to express themselves, for all us have a that threshold, that when crossed, you have to say something and that speech should be protected from any consequences. And remember, while you desire not to speak, which is also your right, do you want anyone to deny you the right to hear others’ thoughts? That too, should be protected and is, but our government wants to unplug your TV and radio, and control, not only what you say, but what you absorb.

Cherish your First Amendment rights, before it’s too late.



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