VIDEO: Kennedy Pulls No Punches On Biden Following SOTU Speech

This only goes a minute and 47 seconds, but it doesn’t need to go any longer. It’s a fairly brutal takedown of Biden, which you would have expected from Kennedy, one of the better wordsmiths the Republican Party has to offer.

“He’s a modest man with much to be modest about.”

A confession: I didn’t watch the State of the Union. I’m bingeing Shadow & Bone on Netflix, which is good but not incredible, and I didn’t see any compelling reason to watch. Biden makes for painful viewing, after all; it’s hard to see him stumble his way through a scripted, prepared speech, clearly lacking the cognitive function to understand what he’s saying as he says it, and not see that as a metaphor for the current condition of America.

I’m in the business of commenting on current events, so there’s an element of dereliction of duty in that, which I accept.

But I read the text of the speech yesterday, and I couldn’t come up with any reason to go through it again. When I got to the part where Biden called Jan. 6 the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor, I knew there was no truth or value in anything this man or his handlers had to say.

Biden has always been a liar and a cheat, and the party he represents is a pestilence on this country. I’ve spent enough time studying their works to know they offer only destruction. Watching him prattle on for an hour of my life would entail the destruction of that hour; I refused that.

Power Line’s Scott Johnson did watch it, though, and here was his take

Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress last night was Twilight Zone material. The White House has posted the text here.

As always, Biden himself looked like an escapee from Madam Tussauds, but he appeared to have had a touch-up for his appearance last night. Through the proliferation of falsehoods, clichés, and incredibly tired language, the theme was that too much is not enough and Biden’s head emerged as its expressive form. Even with the best efforts of cosmetic surgeons, no one would mistake Biden for anything but a superannuated politico who has stayed too long at the fair.

The setting was bizarre even by Twilight Zone standards. House seats were mostly vacant. Mask theater was the order of the day. Who among those in attendance is at risk of contracting Covid?

Despite the manifest fear of the virus communicated by the scene, Biden rattled on about his great vaccination success. As usual, he did so without any mention of the man who made it possible, thus giving us yet another opportunity to meditate on the smallness of the man and his minions. It would be to his benefit to fake a kind word about the contribution of his predecessor, but it is not in their playbook. That much I can tell you.

The speech should have worked its greatest effect on those who know nothing of LBJ and the Great Society, the Carter administration, and of American history generally. Other sorry historical episodes came to mind as Biden unveiled his big plans of free stuff for everyone, “good jobs” that are net detriments to productive economic activity, and the assessment attributed to the intelligence community: “[We] won’t ignore what our own intelligence agencies have determined – the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.”

Can we get a new set of intelligence agencies?

Then there was Ted Cruz’ reaction…

PJ Media’s Tyler O’Neil summed it up pretty well

From jobs to “democracy,” Biden pushed a radical agenda in deceptive terms. He presented costly climate plans as jobs programs, the pork-stuffed “infrastructure” bill as a roads and bridges effort, and attempts to close tax loopholes as a major revenue-raiser. He took credit for successes that Trump had worked to build, while condemning the former president’s tenure as an age of “darkness.”

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