BLANCO: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Policies

One thing you can be certain of with the Bidenistas is that they will leave us no shortage of things to talk about. Whether pushing their extremist agenda, or neglecting day-to-day government, or mismanagement of world events, we’re living the old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times.” It’s ugly out there.

It’s like Team Biden is intentionally screwing things up so they can fix it and expect a hug afterwards. It’s like having a spouse who always complains you don’t talk to them but they never take a minute to listen to a word you have to say. It is with this same determination the Democrats refuse to listen to solutions that aren’t their own while Biden complains the Republicans aren’t for anything. Like I said, it’s ugly out there.

It’s a sweet deal for the opposition party who wishes to sweep the American people off their feet, but this marriage of Democrats and the American people just isn’t working out. I mean come on man, they cheated on our borders while wining and dining Ukrainian borders. And I’m not against an open relationship, but my God man, how do you think you’re going to protect somebody else’s borders when you won’t even protect your own?

It’s ugly out there.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be helping Ukraine, or that we shouldn’t be involved in their security. I am saying you shouldn’t be lecturing other countries about the importance of border security when you won’t secure your own damn borders. There are some people that won’t understand the hypocrisy of it but that’s the bottom 10% of intellectual society.

As an American I find this to be tragic of course, but as a writer I’m thrilled that I have my pick of the lot of things to talk about. Even as one subject dominates the news, there’s at least 10 other issues mismanaged by Pendejoe to talk about.

Take this past week when Biden visited Pittsburgh and a bridge just happened to collapse. This gave Democrats plenty to point their fingers at the Republicans and blame them for the conditions of the roads. Sure, Republicans voted against the infrastructure bill, but it passed. It’s not the reason the bridge collapsed. In fact, I’d point to the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse and the $700 Billion Infrastructure Plan ( that was passed under the Obama/Biden administration that was supposed to fix all these bridges and roads that were in disrepair. Why didn’t the roads and bridges get the updates they needed when he occupied the White House in 8 of the 12 years since? Of course, the blamer in chief only takes responsibility as symbolic before pointing his fingers at others.

And if Buttigieg’s intent is any indication, the money won’t be spent on repairing roads and bridges. Instead, he’s focused on catching you speeding with cameras all over federal highways and lowering the speed limit. Must have something to do with racism, I suppose, since that’s the only excuse Democrats ever offer minorities.

If this idiocracy isn’t painful enough to be a witness of, there are other Democrats in elected positions who are more than happy to make Pendejoe look like the smartest Democrat in the room. Just a few days ago, Gavin Newsome addressed California’s great train robbery and immediately apologized for calling the thieves gang members. Aren’t you glad to know the Governor is concerned about the feelings of gang members? What was Gavin thinking? Gang members are busy contributing to society with killing people and turning people into drug addicts. They ain’t got time to be no litterbug. That’s just a low blow Gavin. What’s next? Military brass lecturing us that “pimp’s love is very different from a square”?


John Bel Edwards seems to be auditioning for President Comacho’s cabinet by even being dumber than acknowledging feelings. In JBE’s world, the real criminal is Pastor Tony Spell, who apparently personally assaulted JBE with a sermon inside his church where JBE was not in attendance. It’s a good thing people aren’t being murdered just a few blocks from where JBE sleeps night after night. Could you imagine how distracted he would be if the murder rate in his state was flying through the roof? Oh wait, it is.

The problem is JBE doesn’t even have standing in the case much less a legitimate case. If JBE wanted to find standing he might want to look at the family members of murder victims. They would have standing and could possibly find negligence in D.A.s who failed to prosecute people accused of murder. If a D.A. failed to even attempt to prosecute an individual who is accused of committing a murder, and that individual turned around and murdered somebody else, that would absolutely be negligent. Perhaps John Bel Edwards should be encouraging the D.A.s to be sued for negligence. Perhaps even prosecuted for negligent homicide.

Give John Bel Edwards the credit for that idea. After all, if a governor can unduly involve himself in your criminal case for exercising your religious beliefs and your freedom of speech, then why not have some legal assurances that a D.A. must reasonably prosecute in order to prevent a quid pro quo prosecution system. Could you imagine what kind of favor an Alex Baldwin could deliver if he were to have his manslaughter charges not prosecuted by the local D.A.? There should be some prosecutorial discretion, but negligence from D.A.’s is dangerous.

And finally let’s give a couple of shout outs to Neil Old and the other artists out there who still think they are cool. I always knew Zack de la Rocha was an advocate of big totalitarian government even as his music raged against the machine. While he sang out “$#^# you, I won’t do what you tell me”, it comes as no surprise to me that his approach to vaccine in is “#$%^ yes, let’s do what they tell us!”. Maybe he could join Neil Reallyreallyold, Joni Mitchell, Sebastian Bach, and the Flock of Forgotten Artist in doing a rendition of We Are The World and other forgotten songs.

Pretty soon, they’ll be telling us plants crave electrolytes. It’s ugly out there, y’all.



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