Edwards Backs The Alpaca, Sort Of, Because Of Course He Would

We don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what happens on the Jim Engster Show. Not anymore. It’s basically Democrat Radio Louisiana, and Republicans and conservatives usually get treated like some sort of strange curiosity – like savages from New Guinea to be picked over and prodded in a pseudo-scientific way. The arrogance of that is off-putting, and frankly it makes for bad radio. This applies also to Engster’s monthly Ask The Governor hour, in which John Bel Edwards is given softball questions by which he can promote himself in front of the meager audience that show garners.

But once in a while something happens on that air worth mentioning. Wednesday Edwards was asked about Gary Chambers’ debut ad for the latter’s Senate race, in which Chambers is seen touting marijuana legalization while smoking a joint.

Shock of all shocks, Edwards didn’t like it.

On his monthly radio show Ask the Governor, with moderator Jim Engster, Governor John Bel Edwards was asked about the U.S. Senate race in which Democrats Luke Mixon and Gary Chambers are running against incumbent Republican John Kennedy. Edwards said he’s impressed with Mixon’s credentials as a Naval Academy graduate and his fighter pilot military service.

“And his stand on the issues, sort of as best I can tell at least are very similar to mine, in terms of being a Democrat, a moderate Democrat and quite frankly I’m attracted to his candidacy,” said Edwards.

Chambers made national headlines earlier this week when he launched a campaign ad on the internet where he was smoking marijuana. Edwards was asked his thoughts on the ad, and he said he hopes it’s one that doesn’t work to his benefit.

“The imagery of actually smoking marijuana on an internet ad, just not something that I think people should reward him for,” said Edwards.

Edwards gave a mealy-mouthed endorsement of Chambers’ Democrat opponent, Luke “The Alpaca” Mixon. But he did so in a way Camp Alpaca can’t be overly happy about…

When asked if his comments on Mixon is an endorsement for the Bunkie native is…

“So that’s all but an endorsement?” moderator Jim Engster asked.

“All but, that may happen at some point, right now we’re working on a number of things, and we’ll see what comes a little later,” said Edwards.

The thing is, Mixon is reportedly dying on the vine from a fundraising standpoint. Neither Mixon nor Chambers has filed any finance reports with the FEC since the race began in earnest, but the word on the street is that in the four months Mixon has been at this he’s really struggled to line any money up.

Chambers, on the other hand, already demonstrated last year that he can trail in online money fairly rapidly. It’s quite likely that Chambers has raised more in a week or two than Mixon has in all the time he’s been in the race.

So the Alpaca doesn’t need “all but” an endorsement from John Bel Edwards. He needs a full-throated endorsement and he needs Edwards actively raising money for him.

Which John Bel Edwards could certainly do, and if John Bel Edwards has any expectation of staying a big wheel in the Louisiana Democrat Party after his gubernatorial tenure ends it would probably be worth his while to help those candidates whom he says he supports – otherwise, there’s no point in them helping him if and when he runs for something else.

Mixon’s been in the race for four months and what has Edwards done for him? Get asked by Engster about his opponent’s weedy campaign spot and make soothing alpaca noises?

At this rate Mixon will end up out of money and out of the race before Edwards makes good on that endorsement. Fat lot of help he is.

What’s going on here? It isn’t hard to understand. John Bel Edwards is like all the rest of the Bourbon Democrat elite in Louisiana, in that they know they’ve all but lost the white vote in the state and their party’s fate is going to ultimately be decided by black Louisianans. Blacks are 60 percent of the Democrat Party in Louisiana now, and whites are only 36 percent. Along comes Gary Chambers to press on that fact and demand that blacks take over leadership of the Louisiana Democrat Party and run atop its ticket, and they’re now in a bit of a trick bag.

The Mixon-Chambers race can’t really devolve into an all-out political war. Not if the Democrats are going to have any future. Chambers is going to win that war, because when it’s all said and done he’s going to get the vast majority of the black vote and he’ll finish ahead of Mixon – on ideological grounds, not just racial ones, as the active ingredient in the Democrat Party is the Hard Left now, and that’s what Chambers is.


But if Edwards and the Alpaca insist on trying to burn Chambers down, the repercussions will be that no white Democrat candidate pretending to be a centrist will be able to turn out any black vote in Louisiana for the foreseeable future. They will find themselves eaten by the monster they’ve created all these years of slandering Republicans as racist for political purposes.

So Edwards might be scolding Gary Chambers for toking on that blunt in his ad, but he’s stopping quite short of actually joining Camp Alpaca. And that means he’s no factor in that race at all.

If we were to advise John Kennedy’s camp on how to handle this, we’d say Kennedy needs to goad Edwards into full support of Mixon. Let him burn himself down staking his brand on a hopeless candidate. Maybe wait until Chambers shows himself clearly ahead of the Alpaca in polls or fundraising reports, but then pull the string and try to draft Edwards into Camp Alpaca.

Is that what Kennedy is up to right now? Well, here was a message his camp sent out last week…

The east coast media elites are just fawning all over my woke opponent because he gets high to get by. That’s right, you heard me correctly. I’ve seen just about everything there is to see in my day other than the Pearly Gates, but this takes the cake. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself below!

[link to Chambers’ ad]

I guess that’s the sort of thing Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden look for when selecting their candidates to run against me. If you love to stay high, believe in Socialism, support abortion, and think our kids should be taught CRT, then you fit the bill. And you know what’s happening? Because of all his left-wing media support, money is just pouring in like ditch water to my opponent’s campaign.

I’m going to be blunt – no pun intended -, we’ve got to stop my woke opponent before it’s too late, and I need your help.

Kennedy is focusing on Chambers and ignoring the Alpaca so far. And the strategy is to use the disgust Kennedy’s supporters have for Chambers, which is palpable and intense (most people don’t see the wonderful possibilities here that we do), to flood his bank account with donations from frightening center-right voters.

That isn’t bad. But if this thing gets played just right it could be a maximum disaster for the Democrats which takes out Edwards as a potential Senate candidate in 2026. And we want to see that play out in the worst way.



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