Steve Scalise Raised $28 Million Last Year

From the Holy Cow department comes a press release out of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise’s office this morning…

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) announced a fourth-quarter haul of $6.6 million this morning, bringing his year-to-date total to a record-breaking more than $28.1 million. This incredible figure includes $12.4 million transferred to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). Whip Scalise also heads into 2022 having given more than $1.5 million directly to other Members and candidates.

Hardworking Americans from every corner of this country are fired up and ready to help Whip Scalise take back the House next fall. To that end, Whip Scalise’s grassroots operation continued to dominate last quarter, raising $4.7 million from more than 58,000 donors in all 50 states.

“We’ve officially made it to the end of Joe Biden’s first year in office, and the reality of his nightmare agenda is even worse than we could have imagined: skyrocketing inflation, rising crime, and trillions more spent on mismanaged government waste,” said Whip Scalise. “Taking back the House in November is within our sights, and I’m running full steam ahead to make sure that every Member and candidate has the resources they need to be successful. I know that together we can win, and I am excited to kick off the new year and hit the ground running.”

By the Numbers: 
Amount raised by Whip Scalise in Q4: $6.6 million
Amount raised by Whip Scalise YTD: $28.1 million
Amount transferred by Whip Scalise to the NRCC in Q4: $2.1 million
Amount transferred by Whip Scalise to the NRCC YTD: $12.4 million
Amount raised through grassroots digital program in Q4: $4.7 million
Amount raised through grassroots digital program in YTD: $17.6 million
Average online donation size: $22.32
Total number of digital donors in Q4: 58,307

This does no damage to our theory that current minority leader Kevin McCarthy is going to run into trouble getting a majority of the House Republican caucus, so many of whom are going to be newcomers who carry a revivalist/anti-Washington bent, to back him for House Speaker and then here is Scalise, who’s been the most popular Republican House member ever since he survived that assassination attempt from the crazed Bernie Sanders enthusiast James Hodgkinson in 2017, sitting atop that mountain of cash he’s raised for all of his colleagues.

Scalise won’t run against McCarthy. But if McCarthy just can’t get to 50 percent plus one and somebody else is clearly going to be speaker, the deal gets cut and it’s Scalise leapfrogging over him to take the gavel while McCarthy goes from minority leader to majority leader in the House.

That’s just our theory. Contacts in Washington tell us it’s valid, though obviously it’s too soon to know.

But when he puts up fundraising numbers like this, you can’t help but think he’s going to be Speaker before it’s all said and done.

By the way, on the subject of James Hodgkinson there’s actually a lot going on. Last week, a Twitter brouhaha broke out among CNN contributors on that subject when Mary Katherine Ham, one of CNN’s conservative analysts who gets let out to give the opposite view every now and again, noted that the news coverage of Jan. 6 was so out of proportion to Hodgkinson’s shooting spree, when the latter would clearly be a bigger story as relates to a threat to the lives and safety of Congress, as to make a mockery of the news business.

CNN political commentator Mary Katharine Ham unloaded on her network Friday as part of a broader disagreement between herself and several members of the press, including both CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and the New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman, about comments by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Gov. DeSantis this week complained that the media are trying to “milk” Jan. 6 to attack Republicans, and sensationalizing it in a way they would never do if the parties were reversed.

“I just look back and compare when I was in Congress. One event that we faced was the attempted assassination of Republican members of Congress on the baseball game. I actually was on the field,” said DeSantis. “If you do not have the Capitol Police there, you probably would have a dozen people assassinated. That was like a one-day, two-day story. That was not something that the Capitol-based press wanted to talk about. Why? Because it totally undercut their preferred narratives.”

When that quote was shared on Twitter, NYT’s Haberman retweeted it and disputed the idea that there was uneven coverage.

Here was Haberman’s tweet…

Ham was having none of that…

But Andrew Kaczynski, CNN’s resident doxxing troll, then attempted to dunk on Ham by showing a screenshot of her talking on CNN about the Hodgkinson case…

Which was a mistake, because she took him straight to the woodshed for his trouble…


And then came this…

And that was that. But then yesterday there was something else on the Hodgkinson front…

Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin’s office will not release reported email correspondence with anti-GOP shooter James Hodgkinson.

An Associated Press report says, “Hodgkinson also visited the office of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose campaign he had worked on as a volunteer, and was in email contact with the two Democratic senators from his home state.”

The “two Democratic senators from his home state” of Illinois would presumably be Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth.

When The Daily Caller reached out to Sen. Durbin’s office, we received this comment, “Mr. Hodgkinson contacted our office to state his opinion on a variety of legislation over the years. Those emails were all given to USCP and are part of the current investigation.”

When TheDC asked for more details, or whether they planned to publicly release the emails Hodgkinson sent, no response was received. . .

. . . Hodgkinson, a left-wing Bernie supporter, allegedly opened fire on a group of GOP Congressman practicing at a baseball field. He shot and injured Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise, and his social media presence indicated he thought Trump was a “traitor.”

The lesson of that, of course is Dick Durbin – before he dicks you.

And also that this is why Steve Scalise can raise $28 million in a year, because the folks see just how awful Democrat control over Capitol Hill really is. Nobody really cares about the rantings Hodgkinson might have laid on Durbin and Duckworth’s staffers – the reason the correspondence isn’t being released is what those staffers, if not Durbin and/or Duckworth themselves, said in response.

Because almost certainly those are not going to be communications which aged well. And Dick Durbin knows that the public doesn’t really need any more evidence of what a partisan douchebag he is, lest Scalise raise another $28 million in the next few months with which to kill or cripple more Democrats’ political careers.

In any event, it’s a big number and it’s impressive regardless of how advantageous the circumstances surrounding it might be.



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