GURVICH: Mardi Gras Is The Perfect Day For A Biden SOTU Speech

Tomorrow, Joe Biden will deliver his 2022 State of the Union address. Tomorrow also happens to be Mardi Gras Day. Of course, this is pure coincidence but it gives the Democrats forced to sit in the House chamber and listen to the President’s speech an excuse to wear a full face mask and thereby conceal their identities, in the best Mardi Gras tradition of secrecy.

Certainly, all but the most progressive morons in their party will wish to hide their full faces from the public’s stern gaze- an ordinary COVID mask simply won’t do the trick, and we have just learned that they will not be required in the House chamber anyway. Fact is, the Democrats’ incredible buffoonery would make for great comical entertainment were it not for the enormous damage which they and their president have inflicted on the country and the world in the first four hundred days of the Biden presidency.

Every adult American should watch this speech to see how this rhetorically, intellectually, and morally compromised president makes the best of an utterly awful first year of his administration.  Depending on one’s political persuasion, it will make for high drama, tragedy, or comedy, but it will be interesting to watch.

But it will not be bipartisan, of that you can be assured. At this trying time, America sorely needs bipartisanship, but it will not be on offer. This President, elected under false pretenses as a moderate Democrat, has been anything but moderate. In fact, he has governed as something of the court jester of the progressive/socialist wing of the Democrat Party, which is to say that he has become the spokesman and chief enforcer of American Marxism. And the results of this charade have been entirely predictable:

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, just 37% of Americans approve of Joe Biden, while 56% disapprove. His disapproval rating is an abysmal 61% among independents, and fully 58% of Americans say that the state of our union is worse now than it was only a year ago. (Considering the overwhelming evidence, we must assume that the other 42% have resorted to some very heavy drugs and can no longer think clearly.)

Joe Biden lied about his candidacy quite simply because he would not have been elected if he had told the truth about his real plans for governing the country. That much we can at least understand if we cannot forgive, but he then promptly squandered the recovery bequeathed to him by Donald Trump. Let us not forget that had it not been for the Republicans in Congress and a couple of Senate Democrats who stood in the way of “Build Back Better,” the nation’s inflation rate, already the developed world’s highest, would be trending into the 10-12% range instead of the current 7.9%.


And Americans remember his promises to defeat COVID in a hundred days and fix the supply chain bottleneck in time for Christmas. They know who opened a secured southern border to an epic influx of illegal aliens and drugs. They also know who led the party which attacked the police and egged on those responsible for dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage, while the crime rate increased at record levels.

But the worst damage and the greatest danger has been and will continue to be, for the duration of Joe Biden’s presidency, in the field of foreign relations. We all know about the needless tragedy in Afghanistan, but those less versed in the wiles of foreign policy may not realize how much the Afghan debacle had to do with the current crisis in Ukraine. There will likely be future crises over Taiwan’s independence, Iranian nukes, North Korean misbehavior, etc., all because Putin, Xi Jinping, the ayatollah and other of the world’s villains have sized up Joe Biden, and they were obviously not impressed.

Over the remaining thirty-four months of his presidency, all Americans of every political stripe will be called upon to pay the price for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s lies, chicanery, and ineptitude.

But tomorrow is a special day which was created to forget our troubles. Happy Mardi Gras, at least until 8PM Central time tomorrow night!

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