ALEXANDER: Biden SOTU Speech Indicates No Real Change

The millions of Americans who had been holding out hope that they would hear plans for a significant course correction, for a “reset” of policy and direction by the Biden Administration, after an unbroken string of failures over the past year were greatly disappointed by President Biden’s State of the Union speech this past week.

There was a moment or two of inspiration, such as when the president praised the Ukrainian ambassador and the Ukrainian people for their courage in the face of the Russian blitzkrieg and aerial bombardment of their beautiful homeland.  However, as the Wall Street Journal notes, what we “didn’t hear was a vow that Russia will not be allowed to conquer and hold Ukraine. There was no warning to Mr. Putin not to launch missiles into residential neighborhoods or surround and starve cities into submission like a medieval siege.  This was not Harry Truman at the dawn of the Cold War calling the world to meet a new danger.” (WSJ, 3-1-22)

Instead, after offering some positive information regarding the unified effort of NATO and the European Union to firmly oppose and pushback on the Russian invasion—I note that Biden properly called for the defense of the borders of Ukraine with far more commitment and passion than he ever calls for the defense of the sovereignty and sanctity of the U.S. southern border—the quality of the speech dropped off sharply.

(As the world condemns Putin’s brutal military authoritarianism, I wish Pres. Biden could have found the wisdom and courage to recognize the Canadian Freedom Convoy truckers who have stood bravely against the political authoritarianism of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his Leftist government regarding Covid mask and vaccine mandates).

As WSJ further points out, was there any mention of “more defense spending to meet the threats from autocrats? No.  A new appreciation for the contribution of fossil fuels to American and European security? Not a word.  A note that government spending contributed to the highest inflation in 40 years?  Nope.  A word of praise for the private Pharma innovation that developed Covid therapies and vaccines? He proposed government price controls instead.” (WSJ, 3-1-22)

Rather, the rest of the speech amounted to a tired recitation of many of the Left, Green New Deal talking points and reflected an intent of the Biden Administration to “double down” and continue to focus on various legislative priorities that are clearly not the focus of a majority of the American people.

For example, President Biden attempted to repackage and resell his $5 trillion so-called Build Back Better plan as a method by which to reduce inflation. (Over the last year inflation has risen faster than any time since the Administration of President Jimmy Carter).  The reason this idea falls flatly is because spending $5 trillion additional borrowed, debt dollars won’t reduce inflation it will increase it. Voters are far more tuned in and savvy than they are often given credit for and they realize that a huge expansion of government social programs such as universal pre-K or green subsidies for electric cars will only add to our current economic situation of “too many dollars chasing too few goods’ and will pour more fuel on the fires of inflation.

Voters also, for example, reject the idea that massive spending on Climate Change (referred to for generations as “weather”) and the foolhardy attempt to eliminate fossil fuels, realizing that such a policy does nothing but increase the cost of energy and the rate of inflation and thus the cost of producing and transporting goods and services to consumers.  Did you note the breathtaking comment this week of former Sec. of State John Kerry, one of the leading climate change religionists, that he’s worried the Russian invasion of Ukraine may be a distraction from addressing climate change?   The violent deaths of innocent Ukrainian civilians and the destruction of ancient cities in the beautiful nation of Ukraine is happening right before our eyes and he is fixated on climate change? What! That’s unbelievable.

Can the climate change religionists not recognize that when you kill the U.S. oil and gas industry—and Pres. Trump had made America totally energy independent—you make America hostage to Russia and the Middle East for our energy needs? In so doing, you force Americans to pay more for foreign oil (because it’s drilled and transported from overseas) that’s less reliable (see the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the constant unrest in the Middle East)) when we could be producing it at home and building our own national economy and national security at the same time.


Further, while millions of Americans do struggle with the rising costs that are right in front of them such as for food, gas, and child-care, they are also smart enough to know that inflation is the hidden but very real “Biden tax” they pay for every single economic activity or choice they make, directly hurting them and their families.  (It is estimated that right now, according to Bloomberg, inflation is costing the typical American family $276 more per month and roughly $3,300 per year, numbers sure to rise dramatically given the meteoric increase in the cost of a barrel of oil and a gallon of gasoline at the pump.)

After walking through that economic unreality, the president’s speech then listed many of the other huge-government Leftist dreams including a global minimum tax, a pandemic fraud prosecution chief, the misnamed and misleading Paycheck Fairness Act, a $15 minimum wage—which sounds good but would drive many small businesses out of business—Pell grants, child tax credit extensions, community college grants and numerous others.

Polling shows these are simply not the priorities of the American people.

Unfortunately for President Biden, his speech was immediately attacked by his own party—looney Leftist U.S. Rep Rashida Talib, for not defunding the police and for not banning fossil fuels.  Got that? No police and no gasoline. We’ll just rely on the kindness and good nature of the criminals not to harm us, as we depend on the wind, when it blows, and the sun, when it shines, to produce the power necessary to dependably run America’s enormous industrial society in 2022.  This is clinical insanity.

Polling also makes clear that President Biden’s party will be blown out in the November midterm elections.  Completely upside down, fantastical, fascist proposals disconnected from the reality Americans live each day, like those contained in Biden’s speech, are the reason why.

As the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, once said, “the facts of life are conservative.”  Presidents who ignore these facts do so at their own peril, but most regrettably, at the peril of their vulnerable constituents as well.



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