LACAG: Another RINO, Another Conflict Of Interest

You may recall our recent article in which we disclosed Lafourche Rep. Joseph Orgeron’s jaw dropping conflict of interest in co-authoring Louisiana House Bill 165, the green energy boondoggle that promises to hurt Louisiana citizens and enrich green energy companies and Louisiana politicians with massive federal taxpayer subsidies earmarked by the Biden administration. (Since that article, HB 165 sadly passed both Houses of the Republican dominated Louisiana legislature and is now the law in Louisiana).

Our continuing review of the 2022 Louisiana Legislative Session reveals that HB 165 is not the only jewel offered up that involved a massive conflict of interest. Republican Representative Christopher Turner (Lincoln and Union Parishes) appropriately named “Turncoat Turner” by Moon Griffon, authored House Bill 424 which would have authorized pharmacists to administer any vaccine, without a medical prescription or medical order, to customers ages seven and up. (Turner originally wanted the Bill to apply to children ages three and up, but this proved too much even for the RINOS who stalk the halls of the Louisiana Legislature). The Bill failed to pass by only one vote, despite the substantial Republican majority in both Houses.

Apart from our opposition to the Bill on its merits, it is noteworthy that Rep. Turner owns Medicine Shoppe 1136, a pharmacy in Oak Grove. It doesn’t require exceptional aptitude to see that Rep. Turner had a significant financial interest in the legislation as his pharmacy stood to make substantial money from it. The inexorable and protracted pressure our government brought to bear on Louisiana citizens to get the experimental Covid vaccine, to which Turner never raised his voice in opposition, would have made the return on Turner’s legislative investment all the more satisfying for him.


HB 424 is another example of the type of insufferable attempt at self-enrichment that Louisiana citizens have come to resent in their elected leaders. Did Rep. Turner disclose this conflict to his colleagues or his constituents? Did any of the former express any concerns to Turner about it? We do not know but certainly have a right to. LACAG encourages concerned citizens to contact Turner’s legislative office at or at (318) 251-5038 and inquire. Turner could not bring himself to support legislation that would have prohibited the government from mandating vaccines but found time to author a bill that would have provided his business a financial windfall.

John F. Kennedy said that “We, the people, are the boss, and we will get the kind of political leadership, be it good or bad, that we demand and deserve.” It is time to demand that our elected legislators be the kind of leaders who work for us, not for themselves or the special interests to which they pay allegiance.

Christopher Alexander, LACAG

Louisiana Citizen Advocacy Group



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