VIDEO: John Kennedy And Tucker Carlson On Biden Filegate

We had a decent-sized post yesterday on this topic, so we don’t need to do too much of a retelling of what’s going on with the classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Chinese-funded think-tank/clubhouse in Washington and his garage in Wilmington. You surely also already know that Robert Hur, who served as the U.S. Attorney for Maryland during the Trump administration, has been appointed as the special counsel for a probe into Biden’s stashing state secrets at the Penn Biden Center and at his house.

So things are getting a little dicey for the worst president we’ve ever had – because of something which, to be honest, isn’t anywhere near as big a deal as the oodles of other impeachable things he’s guilty of. We’d have preferred to see Afghanistan be Biden’s undoing, or the weaponization of the FBI and CIA and other agencies against regular Americans, or his intentional misuse of domestic energy policy and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Instead, it’s the fact that he stole a bunch of files and stashed them in unsecure locations which finally moves the needle.

Whatever works, we guess.

Of course, as we said yesterday the real import of Biden Filegate isn’t the stashing of the files but the rationale for it, just like Hillary Clinton’s email scandal wasn’t about the fact she was running State Department emails through a server in a bathroom closet in some apartment somewhere. It isn’t the action so much as the why; in Clinton’s case it was that she was running a pay-for-play corrupt State Department, selling favors and policy choices to some of the worst people in the world in exchange for six-figure speaking fees paid to her husband and seven-figure donations to the Clinton Foundation influence-peddling organ.

And in Biden’s case the rationale for squirreling those files away could be that he’s trying to hide his involvement in the Trump-Russia frameup, or his corrupt dealings with Ukraine. If items like those are what’s in those files, then this is a lot more explosive than just the humiliation of the public knowing Biden sent the feds to conduct a SWAT raid on Mar-A-Lago in pursuit of the exact same crime he’d been committing for five years at the time.

Anyway, we have two video clips for you. The first is John Kennedy’s reaction to the news that Hur had been appointed as the special counsel, and he’s in rare form as the Senate’s court jester skewering Team Biden for the mess…

And the next clip is Tucker Carlson’s open from last night, which contains a fairly interesting observation about why all this is happening now…

We touched on that topic yesterday, this idea that somebody has decided to throw Biden under the bus. After all, the Regime was certainly capable of keeping all this a secret through the midterms, so why is it coming out now? Carlson’s theory is that when Biden said he wanted to run for re-election rather than just going away and letting Kamala Harris, et al fight it out for the chance to bring a new generation of neocommunist hacks to the forefront of the Democrat Party, that was a bridge too far and it’s now been decided he needs to be ruined.

He might be right about that theory. It fits the fact pattern.

Our theory is a little different. We’ve noticed an uptick in strange things coming out of Biden over the last couple of weeks. He’s just about totally incompetent to speak anything but gibberish, he misplaces dates and numbers constantly, he can’t read from a sheet of paper without melting down and it’s even a little worse than that at times…


Is it unreasonable to think that Team Biden is beginning to realize they’ve got a non compos mentis president who they can’t control much longer and it’s time to eject before it all melts down? As Carlson noted, they managed to stall the release of Biden Filegate until after the midterms; had it come out when the first tranche of documents were turned over to the Justice Department it probably would have blown up the Democrat Party in those elections, and so they’ve managed to contain the political damage to Biden.

Similarly, if you mount a surgical strike and take Biden down you’ve still got a Democrat president in office for the next couple of years, and you can run a full-boat primary for 2024 and maybe settle on a Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer as your standard bearer without having to pay a political price for Biden’s scandals.

That isn’t a foolproof plan, obviously, but it might be the best one available. Certainly it’s better than Biden having unmistakably demented meltdowns in front of the cameras, which is clearly coming, as things collapse.

This might just be a scary enough problem that Biden resigns for “health” reasons. We don’t count on that, but it wouldn’t surprise us. It’s hard to see a successful administration led by this man going forward. Not at this point, if it was ever possible at all.



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