HURD: Vote For Prosperity Through Tax Repeals In 2023

In October 2023, all the Louisiana State Officers and all the State Legislators are up for election. Qualifying for these offices is only 180 days away. All such ambitious candidates are lining up support, and making promises of what they do and don’t support. The power players know this political bazaar is open and running hot.

But, do the voters – the working stiffs – in Louisiana know that their future hangs in the balance, 200 days away?

As for the never ending search for Economic Prosperity, high paying jobs, and the return of our long lost Louisiana population of yester-years, the residents of Louisiana, need to adopt their “Political Punch List For Prosperity.” Strategically, these are desperate times in Louisiana. Louisiana is failing as a State. Louisiana, again, is the only State in the Southeast that is losing population: 50,000 to 60,000 people down in two years. And most destructively, our perennial out-migration is taking our productive, educated taxpayers to our surrounding states.

The particular beneficiaries are well known: Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. The most recent “Tax Foundation” State comparison report, identifies again Louisiana’s self-imposed curse: state over-taxation, especially our personal income tax and our excessive sales taxes.

We, the productive, hardworking remainder, must demand of any candidate seeking a state office in 2023 that they openly pledge to:

(1) Repeal Personal Income Taxes; and

(2) Reduce State Sales Taxes from 10+% to no more than 8% total.

That is the political (1) – (2) punch to State government that Louisiana’s businesses and workers need for an Economic Revival. This prosperity strategy is guaranteed by fundamental economic principles. It worked in the 1980’s and 1990’s in America. It is presently
working in every state that has repealed its state personal income taxes.

Cut taxes and grow prosperity.

Low taxes attract the most productive citizens and businesses from everywhere.

It is not theory: It is a fact. In every State where significant tax cuts have occurred – such as Texas, Tennessee, Florida – the cuts generated prosperity for the citizens, and more revenue for state government. Ronald Reagan cut federal taxes in the 1980 and America boomed. This boomerang prosperity is accepted economics, first illustrated by the “Laffer Curve” and defined as “supply-side economics.” The economic boom can be heard and seen today in Texas, Tennessee and Florida.

Louisiana’s voters must demand these repeals now, or no vote for you. All of America knows Louisiana’s economic problem is over taxation.


The nationally acclaimed Tax Foundation has reported again this year that Louisiana is losing its productive, taxpaying people and businesses due to Louisiana’s HIGH TAXES.

The road to prosperity for Louisiana voters right now is to demand the repeal of personal income taxes and repeal half of state’s sales taxes (2%) and re-assign one of those for use by local government.

Demand the repeal of these taxes, with no replacement taxes somewhere else. It is the reduction of tax burden that creates the economic boom. Demand that any state office holder pledge to support these tax cuts now. If your incumbent legislator, or any new 2023 candidate won’t openly pledge to repeal these two taxes now, find a new candidate that will. Demand these tax cuts from every candidate for Governor, Senator, and State Representative. Prosperity follows lower taxes.

Louisiana Voters must demand that our State officials take the Prosperity Pledge now. And if your candidates won’t pledge to cut these taxes, remember you can run for State office with the Prosperity Pledge leading the way.

Paul Hurd, Founder of “Louisiana Excellence, Inc.”
Advocacy group focused on Repeal of Income Taxes
and Sales Taxes (email:



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