Louisiana’s College Professors Abuse Their Special Privileges

College professors throughout Louisiana insist upon two things:

First, these academics have an exceptional insight into life, the sciences, the human condition, etc. Society’s laws, they go on to say, must grant them special privileges and/or protect them from censorship and/or job termination, especially when they say something unpopular.

Secondly, academics say colleges and universities must instill their students with a well-rounded education and only they — the professors — can carry out that task.

Fair enough, even though it sounds a tad bit arrogant.

But all of this begs the question: if college students deserve a well-rounded education, then why do many professors prepare curriculums that are one-sided and favor liberal-progressive views?

Is that what they mean by “well-rounded”?

Liberal college professors say they do not indoctrinate. They say their 18-to-22-year-old students are old enough to think for themselves. The professors say they aren’t popular enough with their students to influence their political beliefs. They say the number of conservatives on their respective campuses far outnumber liberals. Social science professors also say business professors are conservative, and that creates some sort of ideological balance. Business professors, I’ve observed, are generally wise enough to keep their personal political beliefs out of the classroom.

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I have observed more than a few left-of-center professors use their classrooms as their personal political platform. They use their public social media platforms to intentionally inflame and insult conservatives. They celebrate when prominent conservatives like Antonin Scalia and Rush Limbaugh pass away. They insult Southerners and their values. They post profane things about conservatives and, especially, Donald Trump.

K-12 teachers couldn’t get away with this. Law enforcement officers are dismissed from their jobs for using their Facebook or Twitter feeds to say far less.

If leftist professors need protection from people in positions of power, then why do these same professors constantly tempt fate and abuse their own powers? Maybe because they know they can get away with it?

I hold a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University and a master’s from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

These professors assigned reading material, for which we were quizzed or tested, that was completely one-sided. Among the prevailing themes, presented as fact:

  • Capitalism is a toxic and destructive force
  • Socialism is fair, and societies that practice it are better off for it
  • Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. are hate radio, no different than the Ku Klux Klan.

At no point in the mandatory readings did I ever read that capitalism was a force for good or that conservative talk radio hosts speak for millions of honest and hard-working Americans. I just read, many times over, that people who share my values are toxic and threaten society.

I recently visited a Louisiana college bookstore and saw that the assigned textbooks are even more left-wing than they were in the late 90s and early 2000’s. Those textbooks preached that affirmative action is necessary, American workplaces mistreat women, and people who preach family values are delusional.


Conservative college students sometimes contact me and say they don’t feel comfortable sharing their views in class for fear of retribution. Conservative professors tell me in private they must keep their views to themselves for fear of dismissal.

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One leftist professor who teaches at a Louisiana university recently told me on Facebook that it’s her job to pass down her personal values to her students…whether the rest of the community likes it or not.

Louisiana academics say recent attempts by state legislators, including Sen. Stewart Cathey Jr., (R-Monroe), to address these abuses of power threatens the professors’ academic freedoms.

Why do professors believe they are immune from reasonable checks and balances?

And why don’t they balance out their left-center curriculums by assigning books authored by right-of-center academics, including Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or Milton Friedman, all of whom teach that capitalism is virtuous?

Such methods, by definition, constitute a balanced and well-rounded education, do they not? And the students could look at all the different points of view and draw their own conclusions?

Maybe if these professors did what I just suggested then perhaps conservatives would stop complaining.



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