ZOLA: It’s Time to Stand Up for Oil & Gas

If you’re from Louisiana, you know that domestic oil production is a big deal for our country’s economy. But since Joe Biden became president, he’s been cracking down on energy producers, and it’s causing some serious problems for us.

As a result, gas prices are near an all-time high, and we’re seeing skyrocketing inflation. If this continues, not only could this be bad news for America’s economy but also the world!

Energy security is more important than ever, and we’ve seen that firsthand in the past year. With rising energy costs and the conflict in Ukraine, it’s clear that energy independence is crucial for our nation’s security and prosperity.

American oil and natural gas production not only powers our homes, businesses, and transportation, but it also helps meet global demand and protect our allies. For instance, just this winter, Louisiana LNG producer Venture Global LNG shipped much-needed fuel to Germany in response to the European energy crisis.

American energy independence, bolstered by energy-producing states like Louisiana, should be a top priority for everyone in Congress.

As the new Majority Leader, Louisiana is blessed to have Steve Scalise pushing for these policies. Since entering Congress, Majority Leader Scalise has been a leader on energy issues and  pushing for a total overhaul of the Biden energy policy regime. Having Leader Scalise spearheading the upcoming Energy package of bills that the House is expected to consider soon is great news for Louisiana.

Our leaders in Washington also need constituents, businesses, and community organizations that care about American energy independence to step up and show their support.


Groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are leading on this issue and have gone on the record as strong advocates for domestic energy production. They’ve done a great job supporting and highlighting conservative efforts to accelerate new exploration and production permitting, finalize the five-year offshore leasing program, and make building energy infrastructure easier.

The Chamber and the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association have fought back against the Biden administration and are giving domestic energy producers the confidence they need to invest in the United States. We need more influential voices to join LOGA and the US Chamber to take a stand. The Left has so many voices openly backing their progressive efforts – it’s time Republicans had the same.

If Republicans and their supporters don’t keep fighting for domestic energy production, we’re in danger of losing ground to liberals who want to put an end to America’s oil and natural gas industry for good.

We’ve got to keep fighting for our energy independence – it’s what’s right for our state, our country, and the world!



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