DAY: The Deplatforming Of Conservative Views Continues At A Fast Pace

I can’t even believe I am typing this.

The radical Left has found another way to try to silence conservatives. As someone who makes a living off of AM talk radio, this hits home and is personal to me. When the war of ideas is being lost, they just immediately move to cancel the winners. That is the motto for the woke mentally weak left mob. After all, just listen to AOC…

It isn’t just on the tube that this is happening. Numerous carmakers have decided for some of their models to drop AM radio. Most of these car models are electric vehicles (EVs), but I can already see where this is headed.

Ford announced plans to phase out AM radio in most of its new and updated car models, even those with internal combustion engines in March.

Currently, talk radio continues to be the most popular source of in-car entertainment. Over 40% of all radio listening is done in cars more than at work or at home. Why make this drastic change? I hope you see what’s going on here. Conservatives dominate AM talk radio. It’s not even close. Why is that?

Rush Limbaugh was the king of conservative talk radio, now Clay Travis and Buck Sexton are in his spot. Sean Hannity, Michael Berry, Walton & Johnson, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, etc… These are all conservative voices that expose the woke ideology that is tearing America apart from their radio microphones each Monday through Friday.

Today, there are about 4500 AM radio stations in America. According to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), there are 82 million Americans that listen to AM radio every month. A survey from Pew Research, conducted over the summer of 2022, found 47% of Americans get news from the radio at least some of the time. More specifically, here in Baton Rouge, there are about 82,000 monthly listeners to 1150 WJBO. I am on every Saturday morning from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. I am entering my 11th year of being a conservative voice and financial coach in the greater Baton Rouge area. It’s an opportunity for me to express my views on money, politics, and local happenings around the capital city.

I have recorded about 560 shows in almost 11 years. AM 1150 WJBO has been In Baton Rouge since 1950. It is the authority on conservative talk radio.

Over the years, I have been very vocal about how I believe that our government is too big, too intrusive, and completely abusive to our oil and gas industry. I am very pro-oil and gas, as I have worked for an oil and gas company raising capital in the private equity space. If you’re following what has been happening in our country you’ve seen the bias and witch hunt going on…. the government doesn’t like an outspoken Christian conservative that despises the far-left policies of Joe Biden and loves oil and gas…and that is exactly who I am. I am fighting for my life and career right now as I have chosen not to be silent about it. One of the regulatory agencies wanted to silence me on the radio and I refused. Now the fight is on…


A few headlines from this past week:

Biden administration preparing a major crackdown on power plants that fuel the nation’s grid.

Expected power plant rule is latest in President Biden’s anti-fossil fuels agenda.

Biden administration delivers blow to fossil fuel project in victory for eco groups

I believe that the oil and gas industry is the backbone of America, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, and Baton Rouge. I think the government is more efficient when local entities have more control.

Now, we see the exiting of Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Tucker Carlson by far was the most popular conservative talk show on TV. Carlson’s show regularly drew better than 3 million viewers nightly, often ranking as the most-watched primetime show on cable. It averaged about 3.25 million viewers per night over the first four months of this year.

Tucker Carlson Tonight also dominated the 8 p.m. hour on cable news. The 3.25 million viewers it averaged in the first three months of 2023 is leagues ahead of rivals All In With Chris Hayes on MSNBC (1.33 million) and Anderson Cooper 360 (703,000).

It is up to We the People to protect our First Amendment rights and freedom of speech. We must stand together in solidarity against tyranny and make sure our voices are heard in order to ensure that the government doesn’t overstep its bounds and infringe on our right to free expression. As long as they continue to stifle speech with which they disagree, we will have to ask ourselves:

What will it take to stop these First Amendment violations? When will it stop?

Hollis Day is the host of Sage Money Radio, appearing each Saturday from 11 AM to noon on WJBO 1150 AM in Baton Rouge. He’s also a candidate for state representative in House District 66.



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