Baton Rouge Is A Shooting Gallery Now. Sharon Broome’s Answer Is A “Summer Of Hope.”

This is what happens when instead of real leadership you elect a clown. You get stupid slogans without any concrete action taken to halt the wholesale slaughter going on in Baton Rouge’s worst neighborhoods. That the “Summer of Hope” Sharon Broome is touting is going to be more like a summer of bullets is understood by everybody in town, but it doesn’t stop her from throwing press events and trying to look like she cares.

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome called the crime spike ‘concerning.’ She said it’s the reason why they need to continue with crime prevention programs like her ‘Summer of Hope.’

“Indeed, We cannot ignore the spike that has taken place with crime,” said Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome.

The violence started late Saturday night, May 20, and it has not slowed down since.

“I’m committed to reducing crime and making this a safe priority, and I believe initiatives that we have in place are certainly getting us in the right direction,” said Mayor Broome.

The mayor said she’s received new information from Police Chief Murphy Paul about the motivation behind some of these recent shootings.

“Many of them of course were people who knew people, some were self-defense, etc. But at the end of the day, we have to continue to move forward with our trajectory of initiatives like ‘Summer of Hope,’ to continue to decrease the homicides and the violence in our community,” said Mayor Broome.

So exactly what is this Summer of Hope stuff? Well it’s…

  • Street outreach: This will include grassroots community engagement activities such as door-to-door canvassing, neighborhood walks, and resource events.
  • Joy and hope events: These events will promote joy, creativity, and fun in neighborhoods that experience high levels of violence.
  • Dialogues, conversations, and community connections: These will be courageous community discussions that challenge our thinking around the issue of public safety and build proactive solutions.
  • Programs and initiatives: These will focus on providing personal and professional development opportunities for youth through employment, literacy, and exposure to a variety of experiences. Additionally, we will focus on neighborhood revitalization and organizing efforts.

So in other words, midnight basketball.

The last thing Baton Rouge did about crime that was actually effective was the BRAVE program, which used predictive data to surge cops into neighborhoods where crime was surging or about to surge, among other things. BRAVE traded on proven activities developed in places like New York, which had become the safest big city in America thanks to innovative tactics and strategies the NYPD came up with under then-mayor Rudy Giuliani.

But Sharon Broome screwed around with BRAVE and lost the federal funding, and the city’s crime rate has been on the rise ever since.

Everybody in town knows that more than a crime problem Baton Rouge has a gang problem. Gang-bangers are the source of the majority of murders in town, and no small amount of the other violent crimes here. But Broome and Murphy Paul, her utterly ridiculous chief of police, can barely utter the word “gang.” And there’s a reason for that, which is that the gangs control votes in those awful neighborhoods.

You saw a pretty good indication of that the other day when the local head of the NAACP – the same organization which put out a “travel advisory” to the effect that the state of Florida wasn’t safe for black people because Ron DeSantis is such a racist – openly embraced a drug dealer accused of second-degree murder that he’d given an award to.

Criminals are politically connected in Sharon Broome’s Baton Rouge. It’s pretty well known. Talk to lawyers who work the criminal court scene and they’ll laugh dejectedly about it.


It’s the kind of thing that would generate a federal investigation, but of course we aren’t going to have that. Not with the Biden Justice Department we aren’t.

So nothing will be done. Nobody will rush in with SWAT raids to bust the trap houses and crack factories. The gang ringleaders will function openly, and eventually move out of the bad neighborhoods and buy big houses in the nice part of town. Some of them even might go legit.


But the crime in Baton Rouge isn’t going down, because nobody will do anything to stop it.

Sharon Broome, she of the “summer of hope” nonsense, certainly won’t.



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