On Tucker Carlson’s “Wannabe Dictator” Episode

Last night on Twitter, Tucker Carlson dropped the fourth episode of his new show – the one Fox News is suing him to try to stop.

And last night we saw why.

At issue was this chyron which ran during a blabbering Joe Biden speech just after the arraignment of Donald Trump on an entirely stupid set of charges surrounding a bunch of documents in boxes…

That delighted most of the people who watch Fox News, because “wannabe dictator” is exactly how those viewers see Biden – and frankly, given the weaponization of the federal government in practically across-the-board fashion against those who disagree with the Democrat Party, it’s hardly unreasonable to see him that way. As we’ll see, though, it isn’t allowed.

Democrats clearly saw Donald Trump that way, though the record would seem to show that if Trump is truly “authoritarian” he royally stinks at it.

How many political prisoners did Trump collect in his four years, after all? Biden has some 1,000 stewing in the federal gulag just from January 6 alone. So if Trump was “authoritarian,” what else but “wannabe dictator” would describe Biden?

This is an issue of particular interest to me, as two weeks ago I did an American Spectator column on the topic of dictatorship and whether it’s coming to this country based on how deserving we currently are of our freedoms. A little taste of that…


Make us worse people, and we’ll no longer be fit for citizenship. We’ll no longer merit freedom or even appreciate how precious it is.

And then we can be conquered with nary a shot fired.

None of this is new. It’s very old. Perhaps as old as man. And we’re learning that we’re not above it.

Everything about the way Biden and his handlers are running America is calibrated to destroy citizenship in this country and make us subjects. And subjects have a king or a dictator, not a president bound to constitutional limits.

So no, calling Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” isn’t outrageous and it’s not partisan or ugly, though the rest of the mainstream media went into convulsions over it – and there were severe consequences to the producer who put that chyron up.

Carlson tears Fox News and Biden apart over this controversy with startling aplomb. In fact, this might be the best bit of political commentary to hit American media in a generation. It really is that good.



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