ZOLA: Is The DNC Sponsoring The First Gubernatorial Debate?

As media outlets across the state begin to advertise their debate for the upcoming governor’s election, one especially caught my eye.

Most debates’ biases appear in a number of ways—the candidates they choose, the special interest groups involved, the formats, and the moderators involved.

On September 7th, the Urban League of Louisiana, WWL, The Advocate, and a few more stations across the state have offered the first debate.


You’re seeing it in news stories promoting the debate. WWL and others in the consortium putting it on hired Democrat pollster Ron Faucheux to do a poll on the governor’s race, and they’ve been drip-drip-dripping news stories pushing those poll results along with loud proclamations about September 7.

But yes – the Urban League is part of that group.

Could it get any worse?

These outlets are known for viciously attacking Republicans, especially the front-runner Jeff Landry. They will be rooting for every Republican candidate to slip up.

Just recently, the Advocate’s longtime writer Stephanie Grace wrote an opinion piece essentially encouraging Republican candidates to start going negative. She laid out the attacks they need to take on the front-runner Jeff Landry.


This is every reason not to trust the debate they sponsor. Why is there not a conservative outlet to balance out the Urban League….and the Advocate for that matter.

These organizations have a clear left-leaning agenda as they attempt to lure Republicans into their liberal trap.

These outlets want nothing more than another eight years of Democrat destruction, and I have no doubt they will do all they can to ensure that happens.

Our state needs a Republican governor who will fix John Bel’s eight years of failure, and debates like this will only hurt every conservative candidate’s chance at victory.

It makes me wonder…could the DNC actually be behind this?



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