BERNARD: Dobbs Remains A Massive Victory And Should Be Celebrated As One

Editor’s Note: a guest post by Claston Bernard.

Following a lackluster showing in Tuesday’s elections, some Republicans are now making excuses for losing. One of the most prominent of those, centered around an overwhelming victory by the pro-abortion movement in Ohio, where a ballot initiative embedded abortion on demand as a constitutional right, is that the Dobbs decision throwing the abortion debate back to the states has energized the Left.

There is perhaps some truth to this, on a shallow level. The reality is deeper than can or should be judged by one election night.

So here’s the truth.

First, the Supreme Court did the right thing in overturning Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs decision. Abortion is the slaughter of unborn innocents and no moral nation should tolerate, much less promote, such a wholesale murder of its population as the Left currently celebrates. Roe was bad law no matter the issue it covered, and it’s a victory for not just the conservative cause but America that it’s no longer the law of the land.

Yes, electorally you could argue that a price is being paid for the Dobbs decision. The reason for that price is lazy Republicans and too many in the church staying silent on the issue.

Instead of going out and making a concentrated effort to educate and change minds – in other words, creating a culture of life in America – the more or less sole focus of the pro-life movement has been on legislation at the state level in hopes that one day Roe v. Wade would go away. Which makes the pro-life movement something akin to the dog who caught the car.

Abortion violates the first principles of this republic as expressed in the Declaration of Independence (particularly, the inalienable right to life), and no amount of convulsing can change that fact. However, the lack of preparedness to handle the topic of abortion is why we are where we are today.

Law should, and ultimately does, reflect culture. That’s a good thing in a healthy society. In one with a poisoned culture like ours is, it means trouble. So losing on the culture means fighting an uphill battle on law. And that accounts for the problem.

It will take boldness and hard work to deal with the issue. A child in the womb deserves every protection that a child outside the womb is afforded. We have a major spiritual battle on our hands, however, at some point, we will have to grapple with the fact that abortion is murder and a society unwilling to stand up for the defenseless will soon become a morally defenseless society.

I’ll go further.

If there is a right to abortion, then Jefferson was wrong when he said all men are created equal, Lincoln was wrong about slavery, and when he said we cannot remain half slave and half free, Justice Roger Taney was right with the Dred Scot ruling and the Democrats were right when they seceded from the Union to keep slavery. As for those conceived by rape or incest, ask them if they would have rather be murdered than given a chance to live. Abortion’s victims suffer more pain and indignity than victims of slavery ever could; they’re denied even the simplest of life’s pleasures – a friendly glance, the sun on one’s face, the satisfaction of accomplishing a task – much less love, learning or freedom. A slave might enjoy these things, if only in fleeting moments amid the cruelty and horror of his condition, but an aborted baby knows only death.


Seen in this rather inconvenient but all-too-real context, the admonition not to talk about abortion for fear it might play poorly with certain demographic groups comes off as pathetic and cynical. The pro-life movement shouldn’t speak in soft tones; it must roar loudly if it is to be taken seriously.

If we want to win the battle for life, it will take people willing to be vocal and able to make logical arguments against this monstrosity. Abortion is a life issue and not a state or federal issue. It is evil to murder little defenseless people in the womb under the pretense of women’s liberation. A child should be free to live from the moment of conception.

As James Wilson says, “If we have natural rights, where do they begin?” And my response is, they begin at the moment of conception.
We should stop the abuse of our Constitution to justify immoral acts. our Constitution does not support, genocide, rape, or murder. Abortion should rightly be labeled the murder of innocent little people.

Because if America lacks the will to create a culture of life then it will have a culture of death, and our elections will mean very little along the way to our inevitable demise as a society.

Go deeper. This fight will be long, and the lives of the defenseless are too important to just abandon them over a bad election cycle.



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