“The Marvels” Was A Massive Flop; Matt Walsh And The Critical Drinker Explain Why

Remember when the movies from the Marvel universe were a sure-thing box-office smash? It seems so long ago.

The latest release from the Marvel division of Disney hit last weekend did only $47 million, which would seem like a decent number, except “The Marvels” had a $275 million production budget (not even counting the money spent on marketing). It’s going to lose a quarter of a billion dollars.

And why did this happen? Because by all accounts it’s woke and boring, with an unlikable Brie Larson as its lead, and it’s yet another action film full of women beating up men.

Nobody wants to watch that. Time after time, action movies featuring women beating up men flop, because men aren’t interested in watching that – and neither are women.

The Disney people are making every excuse they can in order to paper over the fact that woke propaganda disguised as entertainment won’t sell and has no audience. But it isn’t working, because audiences are smarter than they think.

Matt Walsh says that the excuse-making from Hollywood includes the fact that audiences are racist and sexist, except that most of the people who went to see “The Marvels” are white guys. Women and minorities didn’t bother.


And the Critical Drinker notes that the biggest problem “The Marvels” has is that it’s a flat-out terrible movie.

As for us, we’re entertained. Not by the movie, mind you; by the failure.

At some point, Disney will suffer a hostile takeover, because at some point, the billions of dollars in cascading losses from these atrocious, woke disasters committed to film will exceed the good will that company amassed when it formerly made quality entertainment. And at that point, the price of the stock will have tanked to such a level that it will be worth someone’s money to buy it at a fire sale price, fire everyone, and start over with the idea to reimagine itself as what it used to be.

Perhaps that will include superhero movies. If so, they’ll likely feature actual superheroes and not unlikable, woke harpies beating up men.



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