ALEXANDER: Texas Has Every Right To Defend Itself Against Biden’s Border Invasion

States are sovereign entities in their own right and have the unquestioned authority to repel an invasion in their states, made even more critically necessary when the federal government has so abjectly failed in its responsibility to safeguard the nation’s borders.

One of the central tenets of our constitutional scheme is that, with the exception of the limited, enumerated rights and powers granted by our U.S Constitution to the federal government, all power and policymaking authority is reserved to the states and to the people, the 10th Amendment.  This constitutional structure stems from the Framers unquestioned belief that the states and their citizens are far better suited to make life, health, safety, and other social policy decisions than is the federal government which is so far removed both geographically and culturally from the American people.

Our Framers had freedom and individual liberty foremost in mind as they drafted the Constitution.  Some of the Framers were so fiercely pro states’ rights that they demanded the states be put in the strongest position possible (i.e., dominant) with regard to any proposed national government.  So, they devised a system in which the states and the federal government were co-equal sovereigns.  ‘Co-equal’ means the states and fed hold equal power—but the federal government has only power voluntarily ceded to it by the sovereign states.

With that in mind, let’s review the desperate effort of Texas to halt the Biden-encouraged and permitted invasion of illegals into that state and the scourge of drugs—including fentanyl that kills Americans daily—crime, human and child trafficking and terrorists who daily come over our southern (and increasingly, northern) border.  It’s estimated that 8 million illegals have come into our country during the Biden Administration.  Tens of thousands then remain in Texas imposing dangerous issues of security and safety, while causing a humanitarian disaster to the tune of billions of dollars Texans have been forced to bear.   The Biden Administration—from Pres. Biden’s very first day in the White House—has done everything it could to create the wide-open borders we have today.

In fact, the intersection between crime and the illegal immigrant invasion was made clear this past week with the highly publicized assault and battery of two New York police officers by six illegal immigrants, most of whom were granted no bail requirement, were then released immediately, as they flipped the bird to television cameras, and to all law-abiding, taxpaying, hard working Americans who are paying the billions in costs of illegal immigration, and who are now reportedly on their way to California in violation of their requirement to appear in New York state court next week.


I previously noted that this invasion has overwhelmed border towns and states, prompting Texas governor, Greg Abbot, and Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, to actively bus or fly these illegals to “sanctuary cities” in heavily blue states.  In fact, most of the liberal “blue” states in America have had no real issue with the Biden Administration’s “open borders” policy.  It’s been considered “racist” and “bigoted” to want to place any limitations on who could steal their way into our country. However, as a consequence of the transporting of these illegals, the illegal immigration plague has descended upon liberal cities—like Chicago, Denver, and New York—and they are clamoring for relief.   What hypocrisy.

So, what authority does Texas have to defend itself and its people?

It possesses the most legitimate authority of all, its inviolable state sovereignty under constitutional provision Art. 1, Section 10, Clause 3 which allows Texas to defend itself when “actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.”  While the federal government has an obligation to defend our national borders, that in no way limits an individual state from doing so when the federal government refuses.  That’s where we are now.

Remember, before there ever was a U.S. Constitution or a federal government the states were both empowered and obligated to protect and provide for themselves.  It would be completely antithetical to the intent of our Framers to think they ever intended to make states beholden to, or completely reliant upon, the federal government for their protection. They intended the exact opposite, that the states and their people were, first and foremost, imbued with the right to protect and defend themselves.

This treasonous betrayal of America must stop, if not today, in November.



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