Donald Trump, Mike Johnson, and the Streisand Effect

America in 2024 has become nightmarish and absurd. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there. And it certainly doesn’t mean that anything is going to knock Donald Trump off the path–not even Republicans in the House. We’ve been here before and we will be here again. 

Trump seems to relish the drama. Or, more accurately, the arts of war.

The Streisand Effect is an example of psychological reactance from a group, wherein once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, they are significantly more motivated to acquire and spread it. 

In the many cases of Donald Trump’s ever-curious activity through the information war, the definition may be tweaked to read “…wherein once people are forced into an emotionally charged awareness of decades-long government and media deceptions, they are significantly more motivated to get engaged in their own fight for freedom.”

As an American navigating the shadow war, one must work to find the intended truth not necessarily through individual persons, but more importantly in the aerial view of the story, the interactions of those players and how those intersecting themes are impacting the court of public opinion.  This war is indeed in the shadows, and there is clearly a unique, curious art to it. We’ve seen this since 2015 and Trump’s ride down the escalator. Trump, for all his flaws and seeming failures in office, has been the lightning rod both awakening the good guys seeking justice for these criminals and wrecking the criminals themselves with a panic about what is coming

The trophy for winning said war? The sway of the court of public opinion, or “psychological reactance,” which will eventually be the tipping force in the justice all of these globalist criminals will receive.

And if some forecasters are right, the rebirth of a nation.

I once read somewhere that sometime around the year 2012 Trump began noticing a pattern in the volume in number and in sound when it came to Twitter followers’ responses to his tweets. If my memory serves me right, he experimented with different words and tones, evaluating how hot-button issues needed to be couched in order to maximize emotional impact. Knowing this, along with my scrutiny of him during the 2020 quarantine months, is reason why I am slow to attack him for his seeming immaturity at times. He really does engage in the art of double entendre quite a bit, which serves to speak on multiple levels in this shadow, information war we are embroiled in.

Which makes him quite the troll to his enemies, I assure you.

To unpack the notion of shadow war a little, I present a passage from this January column I ran after Ron DeSantis exited the Presidential race:

[W]hen one considers the fact that so many people out there believe Barack Obama is actually running the country behind the scenes, it might not be a stretch at all to consider that the good side stemming the tide against the Obamas and the Deep State in general may be pulling a few tricks out of their own sleeves as well.

Scott McKay’s book Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s ALL Obama, a book I have written extensively on, argues that Barack Obama is currently conducting his fourth term as American President, with Go Brandon of course as his contemptible puppet.

Obama is a puppet too, a workhorse to whatever overlords govern him. Such mafia-like complexity and depth of evil is too much to get into here, so for now it is enough to just use Obama governing in the shadows as a simpler point of conversation.

If then it is woefully obvious that Obama is running our government and is using actors to fool unsuspecting Americans, then it also must be within the realm of possibility for Trump and the US Military–the true brass, the true patriots–to be doing the same thing. It is almost certain that there is more theater going on than a first glance might indicate. If true, then the primary objective of this shadow war from the patriots’ point of view is to wake up the people and make them realize what fight and determination we have to bring in order to keep the totalitarian maniacs from ever doing this to us again.

In other words, none of this is about Trump or DeSantis, not in the strictest sense as supporters in both camps sometimes make it. It isn’t about any individual politician for that matter. In the theater theory, individual politicians, not to mention the interactions between them, are caricatures, symbols, of greater truths the American people must learn. This is all about the people of this nation having to stop depending on politicians to save the day for them, to stop ignoring the fact that we spend entirely too much time on our pleasures and circuses, to break the mass psychosis that media and the entertainment industry have put us under for decades.

I don’t believe Obama is running the country completely unhinged and unchecked. If that were the case, America would be gone already. Something or someone is putting a check on that here and there, just enough to stem the onslaught. If you look closely enough, you’ll see those victories adding up ever so steadily.

The whole sixteen-year plan was for Hillary to follow up Obama’s eight years with the final nail in America’s coffin. They never thought she would lose. And they’ve been playing catch up and trying to destroy Trump ever since.

It doesn’t always look like it because of so many (seemingly) lost battles, but I believe we are winning the war.

It is possible, and I stress possible, that some of this could be going on with House Speaker Mike Johnson as well.

If bad players had us fooled all these years and decades, then a natural unknotting of the ropes would be to unleash a multifaceted attack that includes good players pretending to be bad ones. Such is the sometimes deceptive and misdirected nature of General Michael Flynn’s Fifth Generation Warfare. It is why we see strange squabbles between Trump and any number of players on the information battlefield. His Attorney General Bill Barr is an example. After all of that trashing of Trump these last few years, he just recently said he would be voting for the man this November.

A similar thing transpired with Elon Musk a couple years back and perhaps was what was going on with Ron DeSantis this past year. DeSantis’s role in all of this, and how he went from stellar governor to terrible Presidential candidate back to stellar governor, perhaps remains to be seen.

Conversely, Trump is also known to endorse clearly questionable persons or at least keep them around in the public eye for seemingly far too long. Some pundits say he is too loyal, and that could be true; I tend to side with those who believe he is putting these villains front and center for the public to witness their treachery. Anthony Fauci is one such example. Think about what government secrets sleeping Americans would have never discovered over time about Fauci had Trump removed him from the Covid spotlight back in the spring of 2020. Because of time and information, particularly because of the good work of Senator Rand Paul, we know about not only Fauci, but also the CIA and other adjacent players that aided in that diabolical health crisis fraud on the world.

It is the one thing that concerns me when it comes to Speaker Johnson (besides the obvious): Trump is in the center of it, and he has publicly backed Johnson in recent days. The two met for hours mere days before the House vote. The establishment Mockingbird media is going so far as to say “How Mike Johnson Is Taming Trump and His Party — Against All Odds.” This is such utter nonsense that I wouldn’t even include it unless it was to show how incredibly stupidly Mockingbird can sing sometimes.

Sometimes Trump endorsing you is a tell to the public, while he simultaneously keeps his distance from any media onslaught in doing otherwise.

It concerns me, but I am still more inclined to play the waiting game a bit longer on Mike. For certain, I don’t think replacing the Speaker at this point is the answer, unless it is a Speaker who is employed to show us a stark contrast to Deep State corruption. We don’t need more of what we’ve already had. The American public gets it. They’ve gotten that message.

For more analysis on the nuts and bolts of what I am saying, the practical politics of it all, take a look at Scott’s article from yesterday:


I’ve Had Enough of This Bashing of Mike Johnson

Assuming Trump and Johnson met to discuss long-term strategy that would remove any half-ass measures by the current government and instead put it in the more capable hands of the next one, it would follow Trump’s desire to maximize any move in the eyes of public opinion to couple Johnson’s support of the funding bill (after months and months of just the opposite) with the FISA bill amendment and Johnson’s puzzling break of a 212-212 tie on the House floor. The occurrence of both undoubtedly stoked Americans’ rage at Johnson after last weekend’s House vote on the funding bill, not to mention the brazen and inappropriate waving of Ukrainian flags on the House floor. Certainly it did more together than any one alone would have done. Such a cluster of disasters after months of Johnson doing mostly the opposite is curious at best. It suddenly makes more sense when you frame it with Trump’s penchant for the dramatic and his understanding of the pulse of the American people.

Simply put, if Trump indeed was employing a war tactic, it was yet time again for the American people to get riled up about something about government. This is obviously a great necessity in itself because at least the people are talking about this stuff more now. For what particular strategic reason this is all happening now, when it could have happened months ago–only time will tell. Only time will tell as well whether Speaker Johnson is indeed compromised as so many on the Right are guessing, or is simply the latest actor Trump and the US Military are employing to defeat the Deep State at its own game. 

It is so imperative that we remember that we are dealing with two Americas here. The infiltrated, globalist-infested, Deep State still being operated by the likes of Obama, and the America over which everybody defends the flag and is stalwart in defending against the world. I feel these two get twisted at times and too many Americans don’t realize that the America so many folks around the world hate is not the latter, but the former.

They hate Biden’s America. Fauci’s. Obama’sClinton’sBush’s.

The world was a world of order and respect under Trump. That is the America that must emerge victorious. That is the America the world can accept. And that is the America we hope Mike Johnson represents, a role he’s always seemed to play so well.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.



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